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Gravitational Waves Detected! Historic LIGO Success Strikes Chord with Larry Smarr

By now you’ve likely heard that scientists reported detecting the long-sought gravitational waves; this is roughly a 100 years since their prediction by Einstein’s theory of general relativity and more than 20 years since first funding for the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) project to find them. You can safely assume the National Read more…
NERSC Cray Cori supercomputer at Wang Hall - graphic panels installation - November 09, 2015.

Getting ready for KNL? Take a Lesson from NERSC on Optimizing

NERSC is beginning to tell the world how to optimize applications to run on the new Intel Xeon Phi processors, code name Read more…
Budget US Government OMB FY 2017

Final Obama Budget Lauds Innovation, Unlocks NSCI Funding

On Tuesday, President Obama released his fiscal year 2017 budget, the final budget of his administration. Broadly focused on America's economic prosperity and national security goals, the $4.1 trillion spending plan for fiscal year 2017 emphasizes a great number of grand challenges that require robust investments in research and development (R&D); innovation; and Read more…
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Biomedical Simulation at PSC Gets Major Performance Boost with Anton 2

Simulating even small biological systems has long proven computationally difficult. Practically speaking, data-driven bioinformatics such as DNA sequence analysis has progressed more rapidly. Development of Anton 1, the ASIC-based supercomputer specifically designed for simulating molecular dynamics by D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES) in 2008, was a major advance. In 2010 Read more…

James Reinders: Parallelism Has Crossed a Threshold

Is the parallel everything era here? What happens when you can assume parallel cores? In the second half of our in-depth interview, Intel's James Reinders discusses the eclipsing of single-core machines by their multi- and manycore counterparts and the ramifications of the democratization of parallel computing, remarking "we don’t need to worry about single-core Read more…
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Create Mixed HPC/Big Data Clusters Today Says Bright Computing

The latest version of convergence – blending traditional HPC and big data computing into a ‘single’ environment – dominates much of the conversation in the HPC today, including within HPCwire. Elegant unified solutions, certainly at the very high end, are still in the making. That said, Bright Computing is in the thick of efforts to transform clusters and Read more…

Toward a Converged Exascale-Big Data Software Stack

Within the HPC vendor and science community, the groundswell of support for HPC and big data convergence is undeniable with sentiments running the gamut from the pragmatic to the enthusiastic. For Argonne computer scientist and HPC veteran Pete Beckman, the writing is on the wall. As the leader of the Argo exascale software project and one of the principal organizers Read more…

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South Africa Student Team Visits Dell’s Round Rock Campus

2/11/16 | 

The fifth annual Student Cluster Competition is coming up at this year’s International Supercomputing Conference, and Team South Africa will once again be competing for a winning title.


Weekly Twitter Roundup

2/11/16 |  Here at HPCwire, we aim to keep the HPC community apprised of the most relevant and interesting news items that get tweeted throughout the week. The tweets that caught our eye this past Read more…

Energy-Aware MPI Communication Library for Power Management?

2/9/16 |  Can MPI communication runtimes be designed to be energy-aware? Can energy be saved during MPI calls without a loss in performance? These are two questions briefly examined by Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Read more…

April HPC User Forum to Tackle Deep Learning, HPC in the Cloud, and More

2/8/16 |  IDC released the preliminary agenda for this spring’s HPC User Forum, held April 11-13 in Tucson, AZ. Deep Learning, HPC in the Cloud, and NSCI are among the themes being tackled. There’s also a Read more…

White Hat Hackers Press Attack on TACC’s Chameleon

2/8/16 |  An article in HPCwire's sister publication, EnterpriseTech, reports on how a group of cybersecurity researchers is utilizing a cloud computing test bed, called Chameleon and funded by Read more…

Weekly Twitter Roundup

2/4/16 |  Here at HPCwire, we aim to keep the HPC community apprised of the most relevant and interesting news items that get tweeted throughout the week. The tweets that caught our eye this past Read more…

10 Highlights Celebrating 10 Years of ALCF

2/3/16 |  This week, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF), a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility, turns one decade old. ALCF is home to Mira, the world's Read more…

Realistic Simulator Replicates Combat Injuries

2/2/16 |  A multi-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a detailed computer model of an injured human leg that includes the complex workings of Read more…

Weekly Twitter Roundup

1/28/16 |  Here at HPCwire, we aim to keep the HPC community apprised of the most relevant and interesting news items that get tweeted throughout the week. The tweets that caught our eye this past Read more…

ACCEL Program at ORNL Still Going Strong Says Suzy Tichenor

1/26/16 |  Last year the Accelerating Competitiveness through Computational Excellence (ACCEL) program at the US Department of Read more…

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Storage Report: Why Performance and Reliability are Increasingly Driving Storage Decisions

1/21/16 |  Avere, Cray, DDN, Seagate |  Whether they’re supporting business goals or research efforts, tools such as modeling, simulation and analysis are critical to today’s leading organizations. Traditionally, compute performance Read more…

MIND THE GAP: Energy availability and the disconnect with data

1/19/16 |  Verne Global |  “Mind the Gap: Energy Availability and the Disconnect with Data” highlights the growing gap between the energy requirements to fuel a data-driven economy and power grid capabilities.

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Silicon Mechanics and Van Andel Institute partner to deliver an OpenStack HPC solution

The Van Andel Institute (VAI) worked with Silicon Mechanics to not only provide its users a more powerful platform, but a hybrid OpenStack HPC solution with the flexibility to support VAI’s Read more…

Wall Street Insights: Transforming IT to Meet 21st Century Banking Demands

Tougher regulations, mobile technology and fraud are key factors driving a data explosion and shift to "real time" banking. Learn how leading Wall Street firms like The CME Group are dealing with Read more…