Center Stage

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture Takes Center Stage at SC15

When Intel showcased its Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SFF) at SC15, it was the fabric that took center stage.

Intel SSF is a flexible blueprint for developing balanced, high performance, efficient HPC systems ranging from the smallest clusters to the largest supercomputers. It’s a cornerstone for what is being heralded as the “HPC everywhere” era.


Feature Articles

National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI)

SC15 Video: Thomas Sterling and William Gropp Explore NSCI Opportunity

If you were hoping for a glimpse into the National Strategic Computing Initiative implementation (NSCI) plan last week while at SC15, you were out of luck. A draft, said to be quite long, has been completed but is being closely guarded at the moment. Perhaps in February, suggested William Polk of the Office of Science and Technology, closer to the final phases of Read more…
TOP500 BoF SC15 Vendors-performance share

TOP500 Reanalysis Shows ‘Nothing Wrong with Moore’s Law’

In Tuesday night's TOP500 session, list co-creator and co-author Erich Strohmaier brought perspective to what could at first appear to be a land grab of unprecedented scale by China, when he shared that many of these new entrants were mid-lifecycle systems that were just now being benchmarked. But what is likely to be even more revealing is his reanalysis of what the Read more…
Hewlett Packard Enterprise installs new signage on the exterior of its Palo Alto, CA headquarters. CREDIT: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HP(E) Still Stands Solidly Astride the HPC Server Market

On November 1 – not quite three weeks ago – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) emerged from the Big Split. That’s old news given the yearlong lead-up. Throughout the "separation" process, opinions varied wildly (still do) over HPE's prospects. Clearly it’s early days, but when IDC rolled out HPC market numbers on Tuesday (see below) HP remained firmly ahead of its Read more…
Gene Amdahl

Gene Amdahl – A Personal Tribute

Amidst all the other awful news of last week, the fact that we lost an amazing and wonderful man might have gotten pushed off the front page: Gene Amdahl passed away on November 10, at age 92. We have lost one of the greatest computer architects of all time; in fact, it was his design of the IBM System/360 in the 1960s that led to the first use of the
Read more…

HPC ROI: Invest a Dollar to Make $500-plus Reports IDC

Perhaps the most eye-popping numbers in IDC’s HPC market report presented yesterday at its annual SC15 breakfast were ROI figures IDC has been developing as part of a DOE grant. The latest results indicated even higher ROI than shown in the pilot study. On average, according to the latest data, $514.7 in revenue are returned for every dollar of HPC invested. But Read more…
Sugon Robo blades immersion server graphic SC15

Sugon VP on Global Market Strategy, the VMware Venture and Robotic Immersive Cooling

One of the dominant themes of the latest TOP500 edition, released Monday in time for the opening of the SC15 show in Austin, was China's leap in list share by number of systems; and one of the companies that has been pivotal in this push is Sugon (formerly Dawning). Sugon (the name means Super Dragon) and its primary Chinese competitor Inspur both have a strong Read more…
SC15 logo

Intel’s Bryant Outlines Drive to Exascale

It was a celebratory review of the HPC industry’s achievements to date, a look at the industry’s evolution from its roots in scientific research to providing tools for business insight, and a philosophical discussion of “recursion” – innovation in HPC propelled by machine learning – delivered by Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Read more…

Short Takes

ACM Gordon Bell Prize winners SC15 - group photo - cropped

TACC Talks with Gordon Bell Prize Winners Johann Rudi and Omar Ghattas

11/25/15 |  One of the undisputed highlights of SC each November is the acclaimed ACM Gordon Bell Prize in High Performance Computing, which since 1987 has recognized the most innovative applications of Read more…
SC15 logo

SC15 Recap and the Top 11 Reasons Why We Love HPC and the SC Conference

11/24/15 |  We are all home from Austin, likely catching up on our sleep, but also still have a lingering of that happy glow from a good week. Below are the top 11 things I liked best about the SC15 Read more…
Data Visualization_shutterstock

NSF-Funded CADENS Project Seeking Data and Visualizations

11/24/15 |  The NSF-funded Centrality of Advanced Digitally ENabled Science (CADENS) project is looking for scientific data to visualize or existing data visualizations to weave into larger documentary Read more…

Australian Teens Pick Up Supercomputing Knowledge, Souvenirs on Trip to SC15

11/20/15 |  Eight students from three specialized science schools in eastern Australia spent a week at the SC15 conference in Austin, Texas, with the goal of bringing home more than the usual conference swag Read more…

4th HPCG List Features 240% Growth In Machine Entries

11/20/15 | 
The High Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark list was announced at SC’15. This is the fourth list produced for the emerging benchmark designed to complement
Read more…

Thursday’s SC15 Twitter Roundup

11/19/15 |  As SC15 winds down, we present our final Twitter Roundup for the event. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves in Austin and gets home safely. Be sure to check in each Thursday for our regular HPC Read more…

China’s Team Diablo Turns Up the Heat to Win SC15 Student Cluster Competition

11/18/15 |  Team Diablo, a team of undergraduate students from Tsinghua University in China, won the top prize in the Student Cluster Competition at the SC15 conference in Austin, Texas. A team from Germany, Read more…

Wednesday’s SC15 Twitter Roundup

11/18/15 |  The highly anticipated SC15 Twitter Roundup is finally here! In celebration of the event, we’ve decided to bring you a list of some of the top SC15 tweets that were tweeted throughout the day. Read more…

Tuesday’s SC15 Twitter Roundup

11/17/15 |  The highly anticipated SC15 Twitter Roundup is finally here! In celebration of the event, we've decided to bring you a list of some of the top SC15 tweets that were tweeted throughout the day. Read more…

Survey: HPC Storage Sector is Booming

11/17/15 |  Nearly one-third of storage systems spanning storage area networks to cloud platforms reached 1 petabyte or greater capacity in 2015, according to a user census that also projects more than half Read more…

SC15 Virtual Booth Tours

Advantech @ SC15

Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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Altair @ SC15

Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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Applied Micro @ SC15

Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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Cycle Computing at SC15

Cycle Computing
Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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DDN Storage @ SC15

DDN Storage
Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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EMC @ SC15

Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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General Dynamics @ SC15

General Dynamics
Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise @ SC15

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Intel at SC15

Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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Mellanox Technologies at SC15

Mellanox Technologies
Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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Motivair at SC15

Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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Seagate at SC15

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SGI at SC15

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Supericro at SC15

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Univa at SC15

Virtual Booth Tour @ SC15
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Sponsored Whitepapers

Preparing for the Next Step in Genomic Analysis: Petascale Genomics

11/9/15 |  SGI & Intel |  At the intersection of next-generation sequencing and petascale computing, a new breed of genomic analysis is emerging. We’re taking an in-depth look at leading-edge workflows, goals, Read more…

Cooling Solutions & Considerations for High Performance Computers

10/19/15 |  ChilledDoor by Motivair |  The recent advances in high performance computing have driven innovations not only in the computer hardware market but also in supporting industries such as high density cooling.  All of the Read more…

Sponsored Multimedia

Silicon Mechanics and Van Andel Institute partner to deliver an OpenStack HPC solution

The Van Andel Institute (VAI) worked with Silicon Mechanics to not only provide its users a more powerful platform, but a hybrid OpenStack HPC solution with the flexibility to support VAI’s Read more…

Wall Street Insights: Transforming IT to Meet 21st Century Banking Demands

Tougher regulations, mobile technology and fraud are key factors driving a data explosion and shift to "real time" banking. Learn how leading Wall Street firms like The CME Group are dealing with Read more…