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James Reinders: Parallelism Has Crossed a Threshold

Is the parallel everything era here? What happens when you can assume parallel cores? In the second half of our in-depth interview, Intel's James Reinders discusses the eclipsing of single-core machines by their multi- and manycore counterparts and the ramifications of the democratization of parallel computing, remarking "we don’t need to worry about single-core Read more…
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Create Mixed HPC/Big Data Clusters Today Says Bright Computing

The latest version of convergence – blending traditional HPC and big data computing into a ‘single’ environment – dominates much of the conversation in the HPC today, including within HPCwire. Elegant unified solutions, certainly at the very high end, are still in the making. That said, Bright Computing is in the thick of efforts to transform clusters and Read more…

Toward a Converged Exascale-Big Data Software Stack

Within the HPC vendor and science community, the groundswell of support for HPC and big data convergence is undeniable with sentiments running the gamut from the pragmatic to the enthusiastic. For Argonne computer scientist and HPC veteran Pete Beckman, the writing is on the wall. As the leader of the Argo exascale software project and one of the principal organizers Read more…
National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI)

Next Steps for NSCI: Seeking to Ensure a Long and Lively Lifespan

It has been six months since the White House released the executive order establishing the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI), the broad interagency research effort seeking to maximize the benefits of high-performance computing (HPC) research, development and deployment across the U.S. public and private sectors. Since then, each of the participating U.S. Read more…

SGI’s HPC GM Gabriel Broner on 2016 Trends

Roughly six months ago SGI reorganized into three business units – traditional HPC; high performance data analytics (HPDA); and SGI services – each with a general manager at the head. Gabriel Broner, then vice president of software innovation, became general manager for the HPC unit. Broner is a familiar voice in the HPC community. He joined Cray in 1991 where he Read more…

A Conversation with James Reinders

As Chief Evangelist of Intel Software Products, James Reinders spends most of his working hours thinking about and promoting parallel programming. He’s essentially a professor at large, attuning himself to the needs of software developers with an interest in parallel programming so he can offer guidance on techniques, ways of learning, and ways to "think parallel" – Read more…

Handicapping IBM/OpenPOWER’s Odds for Success

2016 promises to be pivotal in the IBM/OpenPOWER effort to claim a non-trivial chunk of the Intel-dominated high-end server landscape. Big Blue’s stated goal of 20-to-30 percent market share is huge. Intel currently enjoys 90-plus percent share and has seemed virtually unassailable. In an ironic twist of the old mantra ‘no one ever got fired buying IBM’ it could be Read more…

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Weekly Twitter Roundup

2/4/16 |  Here at HPCwire, we aim to keep the HPC community apprised of the most relevant and interesting news items that get tweeted throughout the week. The tweets that caught our eye this past Read more…

10 Highlights Celebrating 10 Years of ALCF

2/3/16 |  This week, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF), a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility, turns one decade old. ALCF is home to Mira, the world's Read more…

Realistic Simulator Replicates Combat Injuries

2/2/16 |  A multi-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a detailed computer model of an injured human leg that includes the complex workings of Read more…

Weekly Twitter Roundup

1/28/16 |  Here at HPCwire, we aim to keep the HPC community apprised of the most relevant and interesting news items that get tweeted throughout the week. The tweets that caught our eye this past Read more…

ACCEL Program at ORNL Still Going Strong Says Suzy Tichenor

1/26/16 |  Last year the Accelerating Competitiveness through Computational Excellence (ACCEL) program at the US Department of Read more…

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Marvin Minsky Dies at 88

1/26/16 |  “Marvin Minsky, who combined a scientist’s thirst for knowledge with a philosopher’s quest for truth as a pioneering explorer of artificial intelligence, work that helped inspire the creation of Read more…
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HZDR Researchers Use Titan to Simulate Tumor Targeting

1/26/16 |  Efforts to attack tumors with a wide variety of particles – protons and various ions, for example – has a long history. The benefit is these particles typically damage only the target tissue and Read more…

Weekly Twitter Roundup

1/21/16 |  Here at HPCwire, we aim to keep the HPC community apprised of the most relevant and interesting news items that get tweeted throughout the week. The tweets that caught our eye this past Read more…
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Brain Research Heads Into Next-Level AI Territory

1/20/16 | 

One of the stranger objectives of President Obama’s Brain Initiative Project came to light this week with the announcement of a new DARPA program that is funding the creation of an implantable neural interface that would bridge the brain-machine divide. But it’s not like in the movies, right? Yeah, it’s pretty much like that.

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China Mobilizes HPC in Pursuit of Drug Discovery Says New Paper

1/20/16 |  Drug discovery and development is notoriously difficult despite the plethora of advanced experimental and computational technologies being put to task. Surging dataset sizes, poorly understood Read more…

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Storage Report: Why Performance and Reliability are Increasingly Driving Storage Decisions

1/21/16 |  Avere, Cray, DDN, Seagate |  Whether they’re supporting business goals or research efforts, tools such as modeling, simulation and analysis are critical to today’s leading organizations. Traditionally, compute performance Read more…

MIND THE GAP: Energy availability and the disconnect with data

1/19/16 |  Verne Global |  “Mind the Gap: Energy Availability and the Disconnect with Data” highlights the growing gap between the energy requirements to fuel a data-driven economy and power grid capabilities.

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Silicon Mechanics and Van Andel Institute partner to deliver an OpenStack HPC solution

The Van Andel Institute (VAI) worked with Silicon Mechanics to not only provide its users a more powerful platform, but a hybrid OpenStack HPC solution with the flexibility to support VAI’s Read more…

Wall Street Insights: Transforming IT to Meet 21st Century Banking Demands

Tougher regulations, mobile technology and fraud are key factors driving a data explosion and shift to "real time" banking. Learn how leading Wall Street firms like The CME Group are dealing with Read more…