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ASC and Prime Minister of Singapore

The launching ceremony of 2015 ASC Supercomputer Challenge (ASC15) was held in Beijing on January 27th. At the after ceremony interview, Dr. Qing (Kitty) Ji, the executive director of ASC, mentioned that Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, has ever showed attention to ASC14, and highly praised the Nanyang Technological University, who won the second place in the final. It would be wonderful to have Mr. Lee and other ASC followers to attend the closing ceremony this year, Dr. Ji also shared.


Feature Articles

Team Wits-A reigned over 2014 CHPC Student Cluster Competition

At the Dec. 1-5, 2014, South African Center for High Performance Computing’s (CHPC) Ninth National Meeting, student-participants of their third annual student cluster challenge worked diligently under the leadership of CHPC Supervisors David Macleod and Nicholas Thorne. South Africa hopes for a three-peat victory in July at the HPC Advisory Read more…

The Best of HPC in 2014

As we turn the page to 2015, we’re taking a look back at the top stories from 2014 to reflect on just how far the fastest machines in the world (and the people who run them) have come within only 12 months. From the blending of big data and HPC to hardware breakthroughs, 2014 points to big things in store for 2015 and beyond, whether we’re Read more…

DOE Seeks to Mend HPC Talent Gap

Get a group of HPC stakeholders in a room and it won't be long before they are bemoaning the talent shortage, the gap between the demand for a well-trained HPC workforce versus the number of qualified candidates available to fulfill these positions. Despite the attention paid to this topic, the HPC talent gap has been a thorn in a field that Read more…

IARPA Seeks Partners in Brain-Inspired AI Initiative

US intelligence officials have set in motion a five-year project to spark progress in machine learning by reverse-engineering the algorithms of the human brain. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA) recently put out a call for innovative solutions with the greatest potential to advance theories of neural computation as Read more…

Compilers and More: Is Amdahl’s Law Still Relevant?

From time to time, you will read an article or hear a presentation that states that some new architectural feature or some new programming strategy will let you work around the limits imposed by Amdahl's Law. I think it's time to finally shut down the discussion of Amdahl's Law. Here I argue that the premise and elements in the equation simply Read more…

Short Takes

Weekly Twitter Roundup

1/29/15 |  Here at HPCwire, we want to help keep the HPC community as up-to-date as possible on some of the most captivating news items that were tweeted throughout the week. The tweets that caught Read more…

IBM Advances Self-Assembly in 3D Transistors

1/28/15 |  The key to Moore's law is the ability to incorporate ever-smaller feature sizes into each new chip generation. While the exponential progress ensconced in the "law" has slowed down in the last Read more…

NVIDIA K80 GPU-System Speeds Up Bioinformatics Tool 12X

1/28/15 |  Not long ago, the high cost and relative slowness of DNA sequencing were the rate-limiting bottlenecks in biomedical research. Today, post-sequencing data analysis is the biggest challenge. The Read more…

A New Purpose for Old Smartphones: Cluster Computing

1/27/15 |  There are now more mobile devices than people in the world, and the average person upgrades their phone every 18 months. This raises the question of what happens to all the old models. Some of Read more…

Greening the World’s Most Ubiquitous Building Material

1/23/15 |  Concrete is one of the oldest building materials with a history dating back to ancient Egypt. Today, concrete – comprised primarily of water, aggregate and cement – is the most widely used Read more…

Weekly Twitter Roundup

1/22/15 |  Here at HPCwire, we want to help keep the HPC community as up-to-date as possible on some of the most captivating news items that were tweeted throughout the week. The tweets that caught Read more…

NSF Signs $1.4 Million Check to Advance Community Database

1/21/15 |  Thanks to an NSF award worth $1.4 million, bioinformatics researchers at Washington State University and Clemson University and elsewhere will soon have the kind of infrastructure capable of Read more…

Baidu Supercomputer Tops Google in Image Recogition

1/20/15 |  In an effort to oust Google from its the top spot in image recognition, Baidu, Inc. has dedicated a supercomputer to what it claims to be the world’s most accurate computer vision Read more…

Stanford Links Smartphones for Distributed, Disease-fighting Simulations

1/20/15 |  The smartphone has already usurped the role of the computer in a number of ways, whether you use it for navigation, to check the weather, or take and share photos of a night out with friends. Read more…

NVIDIA GPUs Unfold Secrets of the Human Genome

1/16/15 |  With 3 billion base pairs of DNA on hand, it’s no wonder that genes are able to program nearly ever detail of our physical makeup, from constructing organs to fighting off disease. But how can a Read more…

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Cloud-Driven HPC

12/18/14 |  Amazon Web Services |  Learn how Amazon’s HPC cloud offerings are helping to transform organizations of all sizes by accelerating research and time to results without large, long-term infrastructure investments.

Bull exascale program: exascale supercomputers designed in Europe

11/26/14 |  Bull |  The exascale generation of supercomputers is required to boost innovation and competitiveness and address a multitude of challenges - most of them at the crossroads where Big Data and HPC meet - Read more…

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Extending the Data Center to the Cloud

Join NetApp and Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) to learn how your enterprise can start building a solid foundation for hybrid cloud. NetApp’s proven cloud solutions and partnerships Read more…

Leveraging Flash Storage to Accelerate Oracle Real Application Clusters

Many IT organizations are looking to SSD technology to solve performance issues and improve efficiency for their business-critical applications. Watch this short webinar to gain an understanding Read more…

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