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September 28, 2007

2007 HPCwire Readers’ Choice Nominations Are Open

Michael Feldman

It’s that time again. Every year we let the HPCwire readership decide which are the most innovative and successful organizations, products and programs in the HPC industry. This time around we’re going to do it a little differently. We’ve set up a short web survey that makes it super-easy to submit your nominations.

There are 22 categories in the survey, but you’re not obligated to vote all categories — or any for that matter. And unless you’re interested in the drawing for the $100 Sharp gift certificate, you don’t need to fill out any contact information. In any case, all responses will be kept confidential. Oh, and you can only vote once; after you hit the “Done” button, you won’t be able to get back into the survey.

Nominations will be closed on October 15th and winners will be announced on November 12th on our website and at SC07 in Reno, Nevada.

To go to the survey, click here.

Thanks for participating!