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November 12, 2008

Executive Guide to SC08: Friday

Michael Feldman

Although the final day of the conference is always a half-day, it’s often a half-day not to be missed, and this year is no exception.

Computing at Scale

Friday looks beyond the today’s issues with petascale data management to exa-, zeta-, and yotta-scale data with the panel discussion, Exa and Yotta Scale Data—Are We Ready? This panel is led by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Bill Kramer, and includes such notables as Garth Gibson. Specific topics such as reliability, lifecycle management, and simply finding data in such mammoth data stores will be discussed.

Computational Infrastructure

Infrastructure demands at the high end and a growing market with little experience in HPC at the low end have the potential to entice many current HPC customers to put their computations in the cloud.

My Cloud, Your Cloud, Everybody’s Cloud features panelists such as Ian Foster and Thomas Sterling considering the basic questions: what is a cloud, how would HPC work in the cloud, what are the major issues we’ll face adopting cloud computing as part of our infrastructure.