November 25, 2008

Ray Ozzie Wants to Push Microsoft Back Into Startup Mode

Steven Levy

It is about time that one of the most significant figures in the personal computer age, the writer of Symphony and creator of Lotus Notes, emerges from the shadows. Time to reveal what he has been working on. And, most important, time to explain how the world's mightiest software company is going to remain relevant.

The keynote speaker at this past summer’s TechReady conference — a gathering of 6,000 or so Microsoft engineers from around the world — was the company’s chief software architect, Ray Ozzie. This was not a routine appearance. Ozzie arrived at Microsoft in 2005, and the following year he inherited the title of CSA directly from Bill Gates. He was now the microprocessor of the Microsoft machine. But he had never addressed the semiannual conclave. His explanation? He wanted to wait until he had something big to show the troops.

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