July 8, 2010

Cloud AWS Infrastructure v. Physical Infrastructure

Nicole Hemsoth

Each infrastructure has its advantages and drawbacks: a cloud-type infrastructure does not necessarily fulfill your requirements in every case, however, it can satisfy some of them by optimizing or facilitating the features offered by a traditional physical infrastructure.

It is hard to remain objective when evaluating the question of whether or not a cloud versus physical infrastructure is preferable as both have advantages and disadvantages depending on the current It environment, the types of applications, etc. With that said, there are some critical differences that are not discussed in depth. In one of the most extensive conversations on this topic, Frederic Faure provides an in-depth analysis of a number of models in Amazon-like (not just EC2 here by any means) enviornments versus physical enviornments with notes about important (but far too often overlooked) issues such as audit capabilities, matters of control and even the impact on system administrators.

Full story at HighScalability

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