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July 28, 2010

Developers Rank Cloud Service Providers, Choose IBM

Nicole Hemsoth

Evans Data Corporation recently ranked IBM as the number one choice for developers for private cloud services this year, an announcement based on a poll of over 400 developers who were asked several questions about what they desired most in a cloud services provider. The final results of the questionnaire revealed that developers were likely to rank the providers based on “security, reliability, uptime and proven experience.”

In an interview with MSNBC this week, Elliot Lowen, a cloud analyst from BTC Logic stated that one of the reasons why IBM came out on top of the rankings is because of experience in the industry with the technology itself following behind. Indeed, it could be possible that many valued IBM higher simply because of possible trust in the company’s experience versus an objective review of its offerings. While developers seemed pleased with the technology, the expertise, which is often an overlooked element that factors into decisions about cloud services across the board, is among the most important aspects.

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