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November 17, 2010

Sights and Sounds of SC10

Nicole Hemsoth

While we have plenty of time and room to dedicate to technical coverage of announcements and ideas coming out of this year’s event, since we are in New Orleans and the show provides some rather stunning eye candy, it seemed appropriate to provide those of you who couldn’t make it this year with a glimpse of the conference.

It just felt wrong to let some great footage slide through the cracks, so below you’ll find some short clips of the show floor and a few other items of interest that wouldn’t have fit in elsewhere.

This first short clip (resplendent with the requisite upbeat showfloor music) is from the first few moments of the opening gala on Monday night. With nearly 10,000 expected to attend the conference over the course of the week, this doesn’t give insight into the magnitude of the crowds that were there today. Despite the ample space in the center, the aisles were often as crowded as city streets–and were buzzing with the noise of hundreds of vendors and conversations.

I did quite a bit of walking around with my camera to film some of the exhibits before the crowds were overwhelming and managed to make my way across most of the show floor–a good five minute brisk walk; it’s absolutely huge. Here are a few more booth shots from the other side of the massive room….

NOAA had a stunning display to present some current climate research; take a look–and a listen. Nothing beats seeing the giant globe in person, suspended in what looks like midair, but this is the next best thing…

NextI/O had quite a stunning display, which was hard to ignore upon first entering the exhibit hall; this is a vivid demo of the1.2GB/s of streaming video from a single ioMemory card–maybe not cloud-related but worthy of a mention nonetheless.

Along the walkway in the massive center came the sounds of one of the clearest, most resonant horns I’ve heard in years. I followed the sound and came along this group of gentleman playing next to….well, whatever that giant king head thing is. I suppose it’s probably meant to be a giant king head thing.