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March 15, 2011

AMD Ramps Up Hiring to Address Cloud Challenges

Nicole Hemsoth

Reports indicate that AMD is preparing to add 1,000 positions in offices worldwide, some of which will be dedicated to exploring unique hardware and software issues related to cloud computing. While the company has been quite a bit less vocal than others (read as Intel) on the cloud computing front, this move, which was gathered from postings and statements on a popular job hunting portal, does signal what might be an impending strategy announcement.

In addition to the announcement of new people to back a possible defined cloud-ward movement, other items surfaced this week to indicate possible big cloud announcements on AMD’s part. Among indications was news of an invitation-only press event slated for March 17th in Abu Dhabi called “Content and the Cloud” in which the company might lay out its plans to tackle (or at least pay heed to) the cloud computing trend. 

At the very least the press event will be addressing what the company describes as “how AMD Opteron processors, AMD FirePro professional graphics and AMD Fusion APUs are enabling a new way to create, distribute and consume digital entertainment through Cloud Computing.”

Call it inattentive press release writing that ignores the fact that “cloud computing” is not a proper noun and thus should not be capitalized if you wish, but that capitalization—that emphasis on the big phrase of the moment in IT–might not be a mistake.

Some might argue that AMD is something of a latecomer to the game, especially when looking at rival Intel’s major cloud push. For instance, just last week Intel held its “Day in the Clouds” event where it was clear about its ambitions to support the coming trend of cloud computing. This came as an addition to the numerous whitepapers and other press materials touting the chipmaker’s lead in the space.

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