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May 5, 2013

Emerging Technologies at SC13: A Chat with the Chairs

Nicole Hemsoth

SC13 is launching a new program called “Emerging Technologies”. This focus area will concentrate on real hardware prototypes and demonstrations of software as well as project presentations in poster form, animated displays, and scheduled presentations or discussions.

The team behind the Emerging Technologies program will turn a keen eye to projects that will display future technologies with the potential to influence computing and society as a whole.

To learn more about what’s around the corner for the program in Denver, we spoke with the two co-chairs, Torsten Hoefler, ETH Zurich, and Bob Lucas, Information Sciences Institute.

HPCwire: So what is the “Emerging Technologies” program?

Bob Lucas: Emerging Technologies was initiated by the General Chair as a new part of the Technical Program of SC13. It offers the opportunity for large-scale, long-term projects of national, or even international, scale to showcase their work on the exhibit floor at SC13.  We want to celebrate achievements in HPC, networking, storage, and analysis that might not otherwise have a home at SC13.

HPCwire: Interesting! How can projects take part in this program?

Torsten Hoefler: Interested teams can submit a proposal describing an outline for a display or presentation before July 31 at Those proposals will be reviewed by a strong international program committee. The best submissions will be selected for participation and will appears as part of an open booth at a central location on the conference exhibit floor.

HPCwire: What types of projects are best-suited for this venue?

Bob: Since the program will be featured on the exhibit floor, we strongly encourage people to showcase hardware and actual prototype systems. Remember the rack in a tub of mineral oil from a previous SC? In addition, we will have poster walls, monitors, interaction areas, and possibly even a small theater-style presentation area.  The details will depend on the mix of submissions we receive, and what they specify as requirements.

HPCwire: How is this new element of the program different from existing programs at SC, such as Technical Posters and Technical Papers?

Torsten: This is exactly why we are aiming to attract large-scale, or longer-term projects.  Recent results from such projects might in fact be presented as technical papers or posters.  We want to focus on other aspects, such as development over a decade of significant new capabilities and their broader impact.

HPCwire: What will visitors to the Emerging Technologies booth get out of the program?

Bob: We hope that the program attracts projects that would otherwise not be present at SC13. For example, research projects at National Labs or companies that are not part of the main-stream business and may thus not have a showcase in their main booths. The mix of projects or simply “cool ideas” will be a unique experience for all visitors. In addition, the open nature of the program is a great opportunity for informal discussions and starting collaborations.

More information about the Emerging Technologies program can be found at and open questions will be answered by the chairs via .