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2014 Annual HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards

2014 HPCwire Readers Choice AwardsEach year the HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards are determined by our readers across the HPC community, to recognize the most outstanding individuals and organizations in the industry. The nomination period is over, and many great entries have been submitted.


Voting for the HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards has begun and will run through the month of September. The announcement and final presentation of these prestigious and highly anticipated awards will take place live during SC ’14 in New Orleans, LA.

Have fun and good luck to everyone!

To avoid ballot stuffing, we respectfully request you adhere to the following rules:

  • For validation purposes, only subscribed HPCwire newsletter readers are eligible for participation.
  • Readers are not required to vote for every category.
  • Please vote carefully before exiting the system.
  • Contact fields ARE MANDATORY FIELDS. We will act against ballot box stuffing. All contact information is kept strictly confidential.
  • Incomplete or false information invalidates your ballot.
  • Votes for your own organization are disqualified.
  • Rules apply to the 2014 Awards only and are subject to change.