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Author » Gary Johnson

Gary M. Johnson is the founder of Computational Science Solutions, LLC, and a specialist in HPC management as well as the development of national science and technology policy. He is also involved in the creation of education and research programs in computational engineering and science.

HPC Prospects in Qatar

Nov 11, 2013 |
All countries have some computing capability, but relatively fewer are serious players in HPC.  So far in the Middle East, the only country to place machines on the Top500 list is Saudi Arabia.  Qatar, which is right next door, is a very wealthy and focused country that could easily become a significant HPC power.  Why would Qatar want to play in HPC and how significant a player might it become? 
As evidenced by the 1980 to 2013 comparison photos of
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Convergence: HPC, Big Data & Enterprise Computing

Oct 28, 2013 | Many HPC aficionados probably think of Enterprise Computing as something static and boring: a solved problem; something to be maintained and occasionally updated; or maybe moved to a Cloud – but not a fruitful area for novel approaches or exotic hardware.  Big Data may change those views.  Let’s take a look. Enterprise Computing What is Enterprise Computing?  Wiktionary defines Read more…

Meet the Exascale Apps

Apr 12, 2012 |

In what will be a three-decade span between gigascale and exascale computing, HPC capability will have increased by a factor of one billion, but the apps that are projected to use this enormous increase in capability look pretty much like the gigascale ones. Are we missing opportunities as we push the apex of HPC higher?

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