Author » Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe has developed compilers for over 30 years in both academia and industry, and is now a senior compiler engineer at The Portland Group, Inc.

Compilers and More: Parallel Programming Made Easy?

Sep 2, 2008 |

There are scads of computer languages and research projects aimed at making parallel programming easy. Considering that we have yet to make sequential programming easy, is that a realistic goal? PGI’s Michael Wolfe offers some insight.

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Compilers and More: Accelerating High Performance

May 7, 2008 |

Accelerators have been receiving a lot of attention lately from high performance computing users. PGI’s Michael Wolfe thinks they should be getting even more. According to him, accelerators represent a more natural platform for HPC parallelism than either the current crop of general-purpose multicore chips or the ones on the drawing board. The trick is how to program them.

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Compilers and More: The Dangers of COTS Supercomputing

Apr 4, 2008 |

Jack Dongarra (Univ. Tennessee and ORNL) says that the HPC ecosystem is out of balance; we’ve invested heavily in hardware development, and now we need to invest more heavily in software tools and methods to use the hardware. Rob Pennington (NCSA), said that the tools will appear when there are enough of these systems out there that the vendors can make money at it. PGI’s Michael Wolfe disagrees with both these statements.

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Compilers and More: Gloptimizations

Nov 9, 2007 |

With the increased importance of benchmark performance, compiler development teams are encouraged to aggressively optimize performance on these programs. While these optimizations may be impressive, they may offer little, if any, practical value for real applications.

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Compilers and More: Are Optimizing Compilers Important?

Oct 19, 2007 |

Over the past several years, general-purpose CPUs have advanced considerably, delivering order-of-magnitude improvements in application performance.While the same can’t be said for software technologies in general, new compiler capabilities have managed to boost performance of some codes rather significantly.

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Compilers and More: Productivity and Compilers

Jul 27, 2007 |

The mantra of productivity is beginning to permeate the HPC community. But can we usefully define it? And, once defined, are there straightforward ways to improve it? PGI’s Michael Wolfe examines some approaches to the productivity dilemma.

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Compilers and More: Precision and Accuracy

May 11, 2007 |

Precision and accuracy are two of the most critical but misunderstood terms in the technical computing lexicon. This article discusses the significance of these concepts, the ramifications for the compiler and application developer, and some of the subtleties of hardware implementations.

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Compilers and More: What To Do With All Those Cores?

Apr 6, 2007 |

Run for your lives! The cores are coming! Compiler engineer Michael Wolfe provides some perspective on the multicore phenomenon and talks about some software technologies that offer ways to deal with it.

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Compilers and More: Industrial Strength Interprocedural Analysis

Mar 16, 2007 |

Standard compiler optimization is no longer sufficient for competitive high performance computing. In this article, interprocedural analysis (IPA) or whole program analysis, its costs and benefits, and how it affects programmers are discussed.

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