December 19, 2013

Boston Unveils Range of HPC Server and Cluster Solutions at HiPC

BANGALORE, India, Dec. 19 — Boston IT Solutions (India) Private Limited, a leading manufacturer of high performance, low-powered server, storage and clustered solutions, is proud to present their latest range of low power, highly efficient server solutions for the High Performance Computing arena at the 20th HiPC Conference in Bangalore, India. For more information and for live demonstrations please visit Boston on Stand #26 & 27.

Boston has partnered with Supermicro and CoolIT Systems to present the highly efficient liquid-cooled FatTwin server. Launched over a year ago the Supermicro FatTwin is a high-capacity, ultra-dense server solution that contains up to eight separate dual-CPU nodes in a 4U form factor. Now, working together with CoolIT, Boston has enhanced the efficiency of the FatTwin with CoolIT’s Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) technology. This ensures heat is effectively removed from the high performance Intel Xeon processors by circulating liquid directly across the cooling blocks on the CPU’s. By using liquid to remove heat, DCLC eliminates the limitations presented by air cooling in many of today’s conventional servers.

A cluster containing the four node FatTwin, each node supporting three Xeon Phi Co-processor cards, was recently unveiled by Intel at SC ’13 in Denver where it reached #400 on the celebrated Top500 Supercomputer list and #41 on the Green500 List. Featuring 9,936 cores and providing an astounding 1,801.36 MFLOPS/W, the cluster consumed just 73kW of power thanks to CoolIT’s innovative liquid cooling and Supermicro’s ultra-dense server architecture.

At this year’s event Boston will also be discussing the latest addition to its innovative Viridis Microserver range powered by ARM Cortex A15 quad-core processor. The Boston Viridis 2.0 is based on six ECX-2000 cards; each card hosting two four-core SoC’s (Server-on-Chip) running at 1.8GHz and consuming as little as 6 Watts of power.

The EnergyCore ECX-2000 is Calxeda’s latest family of SoC (Server-on-Chip) products that deliver the power efficiency of ARM-based processors to the datacentre. Certified to run Ubuntu 13.10 the ECX-2000 SoC enables the Boston Viridis 2.0 to run the latest OpenStack Havana platform designed for building public, private and hybrid clouds.

Manoj Nayee, Managing Director for Boston Limited says, “With energy conservation a growing global concern, Boston’s primary objective when designing high-performance computing solutions is always to minimise power consumption provide customers with the lowest TCO without sacrificing performance.”

“At this year’s HiPC Boston, through working with technology partners Supermicro, CoolIT and ARM, brings together leading-edge technologies to achieve that goal – with high-density, energy-efficient server platforms from Supermicro; innovative, environmentally friendly cooling technology from CoolIT; and ultra-low power processing technology from ARM.”

To view the liquid-cooled FatTwin server, Calxeda ARM-based Viridis microserver and other solutions designed for the HPC arena, please visit Boston at stand #26 & 27. Or for pricing information and more details, please contact

About Boston

With nearly 20 years of trading within the distribution and OEM marketplace, Boston continues to lead the way in providing the latest high-performance, power-optimized technologies into the data centre, HPC, ISP, Military, VFX, Enterprise and Broadcast markets with multi-award winning server, storage, workstation and clustered solutions. Since the successful launch of Boston IT Solutions (India) Private Limited in 2009, we announced the launch of Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH in 2010. Expansion into both regions has been driven purely by market demand for alternate vendors providing high-performance and high value-add systems. As our global reach continues to expand we plan on opening further global facilities to improve and expand the services we offer. For more information about Boston, please visit and follow @BostonIndia on Twitter.


Source: Boston IT Solutions

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