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December 19, 2013

CEA and Partners Celebrate 10 Years of Successful HPC Partnerships

Dec. 19 — CCRT is CEA’s Computing Centre for Research and Technology, fully dedicated to industrial usages of high-end numerical simulation. CCRT is a unique cooperation between CEA and 10 industrial partners who share a 420 Tflop/s supercomputer  (Airain, ranked # 96 in Top500 2013-November) and its environment subsystems for storage, visualization and post-processing. These resources are specifically operated and managed for industrial production. With this computing power and the CEA teams HPC competences, CCRT has the capacity to address the full diversity of its partners’ needs.

Created in 2003, CCRT has been continuously gaining momentum and more partners through an original and successful business model: CEA and industrial partners co-invest and CEA commissions and delivers computing cycles with full support and services, while fostering technical and scientific collaborations between CCRT partners. Supporting industrial innovation and fostering transfers between research and industry has always been a core CEA mission, and CCRT is the perfect tool for this purpose in the area of numerical simulation and high performance computing.

CCRT now has 10 industrial partners: Areva, EADS/Astrium, EDF R&D, INERIS, L’Oréal , SNECMA, Techspace Aero, Thales, Turbomeca and VALEO – spanning a wide range of application domains in aeronautics, automotive industry, energy, electronics, risk assessment, and cosmetics.

Guests from local councils and the French Ministry of Industry joined these partners and many CEA scientists together with TERATEC representatives, on Thursday Dec. 5th, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CCRT at Bruyères-le-Châtel. During the event, 200 participants were presented different industrial success stories, and a panel gave them the opportunity to directly discuss the stakes of HPC for industrial competitiveness with the CCRT partners.

CCRT Airain supercomputer is hosted and operated in CEA TGCC facility (Très Grand Centre de Calcul) in Bruyères-le-Châtel near Paris. A bullx system delivered by Bull, Airain is both a state-of-the art cluster suited to efficient and robust production and a modular system that allows flexible extensions to follow the evolution of CCRT partners’ needs.

About CEA

The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) leads research, development and innovation in four main areas: low-carbon energy sources, global defence and security, information technologies and healthcare technologies. CEA’s leadership position in the world of research is built on a cross-disciplinary culture of engineers and researchers, ideal for creating synergy between fundamental research and technology innovation. With its 15,600 researchers and collaborators, it has internationally recognized expertise in its areas of excellence and has developed many collaborations with national and international, academic and industrial partners.

CEA is a major player in High Performance Computing all along its value chain and is active in:

  • The development and usage of high-end numerical simulation applications in all its areas of research and development
  • The design, commissioning and operations of multi-petaflops supercomputing facilities at Bruyères-le-Châtel near Paris, for defence, industry and research – for the benefit of the broader French and European scientific communities
  • R&D and co-design in the area of HPC hardware and software technologies


Source: CEA

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