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December 12, 2013

GreenButton Launches WarpDrive for Cloud Data Transfers

SAN JOSE, Calif. and WELLINGTON, New Zealand, Dec. 12 — GreenButton, the leading provider of compute intensive and integrated on-demand cloud solutions, today announced the GreenButton WarpDrive, a solution providing accelerated and secure transfers of large datasets to the cloud. Previously this capability was only available to GreenButton customers for running Big Compute and Big Data workloads; however, demand from other use cases, such as enterprise backups, has led to a new standalone service.

The transfer acceleration is provided by open source technology GridFTP, which has been heavily used across grid and High Performance Computing deployments globally for many years. GridFTP has been seamlessly integrated with GreenButton WarpDrive to provide a slick and easy to use application for transferring data.

“Moving large datasets to remote computing facilities is an ongoing challenge,” commented Ian T. Foster, one of the inventors of Grid Computing and currently Director of the Computation Institute, a joint institute of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. “We’re pleased to see a leading technology provider such as GreenButton adopt GridFTP to enable organizations to take advantage of high speed transfers for cloud-based deployments.”

Many companies find that current solutions available on the market are too cost prohibitive, and the open source alternatives are complex and cumbersome to set up and integrate with existing cloud technology. GreenButton has seamlessly integrated GridFTP with WarpDrive and cloud storage so that users can get the best performing transfer technology without any installation and configuration effort. The solution offers users a high-speed data transfer with high availability and all data transferred securely, with encryption at rest, supported as a custom option. WarpDrive has demonstrated moving a Terabyte of data in under an hour. This can be scaled up a lot further if needs dictate.

“WarpDrive provides the best performing UDP data transfer technology for moving large datasets to the cloud,” said Dave Fellows, Chief Technology Officer at GreenButton. “UDP is far more efficient than TCP over high latency and congested networks. The ability to deliver this capability for a fraction of the cost of what’s currently on the market should open the door for many exciting cloud-based initiatives.”

Key Features include:

  • Highest performing data transfer technology with use of the UDP protocol
  • Initially available for Windows Azure (with support for OpenStack and AWS to follow shortly)
  • A fraction of the cost of competing offerings resulting in an incredibly cost effective way to move big datasets in to the cloud
  • Zero configuration solution with GreenButton WarpDrive
  • Secure transfers with encryption at rest supported as a custom option
  • Support for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X

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About GreenButton Limited

GreenButton is an award winning global software company specializing in On-Demand cloud computing. GreenButton delivers a turnkey solution for cloud-enablement, synchronizing data and bursting apps to the cloud. Enabling enterprises, independent software vendors (ISVs) and service providers to move to the cloud and access cloud resources, GreenButton provides a multi-purpose cloud platform for development and delivery of software and services. GreenButton’s Cloud Fabric empowers users across all industries including digital media, engineering, oil and gas, financial and biotech, to leverage the company’s rapid enablement of vertical applications to virtualized on-demand infrastructure. With GreenButton’s unique feature sets, cloud-based applications across multiple private and public cloud platforms can be easily managed from one centralized and user-friendly interface.


Source: GreenButton Limited

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