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September 29, 2014

ISC 2015 Now Open for Submissions and Other Participation Opportunities

FRANKFURT, Germany, Sept. 29 — The ISC High Performance conference, formerly known as the International Supercomputing Conference, is now open to various submission opportunities. Whether your interest lies in workshops, tutorials, birds-of-a-feather (BoF) sessions, research papers, research posters or in the student volunteer program, ISC is welcoming proposals from all members of the high performance computing (HPC) community.

The organizers would like to emphasize that it is the attendee participation in the above mentioned programs that will ultimately contribute to building a productive and diversified technical program at ISC High Performance 2015. In return, the contributors, students, researchers, engineers, scientists and other members of the community will enjoy an excellent platform to discuss their research results and create awareness for their ongoing work.

To be held for the first time in Frankfurt, ISC is looking forward to continuing its tradition as the largest HPC conference and exhibition in Europe. It will be attended by some 2,600 academicians, industry leaders and end users from around the world. The ISC exhibition annually attracts around 160 organizations, including supercomputing, storage and network vendors, as well as universities, research centers, laboratories and projects.

Please take note of these important deadlines:


ISC 2015 Programs Submission Date Acceptance Notification
Research Papers Sunday, February 1 Monday, April 13

Research Posters

Sunday, February 15 Friday, April 13
HPC in Asia Posters Sunday, February 15 Monday, March 23
Tutorials Sunday, February 15 Monday, March 23
Workshops Sunday, February 15 Monday, March 23
Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions Sunday, February 15 Monday, March 23
Student Volunteers Friday, April 10 Thursday, April 16


ISC Research Papers

An early submission of abstracts is required so that papers can be distributed according to the expertise of individual committee member. Please refer to the ISC High Performance website for full submission guidelines or contact the program coordinator, Ms. Heike Walther, at

High quality research papers reporting original work in theoretical, experimental and industrial research and development are sought in the following areas:

  • Architectures (future design concepts for HPC, multicore/manycore systems, heterogeneous systems, network technology, programming models)
  • Algorithms and Analysis (scalability on future architectures, performance evaluation and tuning and innovative domain-specific algorithms)
  • Data Centers (batch job management, job mix and system utilization, monitoring and administration tools, production efficiency, energy efficiency)
  • Large-Scale Simulations (workflow management, data analysis and visualization, coupled simulations, industrial simulations, scalable applications: 50K+ threads)
  • Future Trends (new processor designs, exascale technologies, HPC in the cloud)
  • Storage and Data (from big data to smart data, memory systems for HPC and big data, file systems and tape libraries, data intensive applications and databases)
  • Software Engineering in HPC (the art of parallel programming, application of methods, surveys)
  • Research Thrust: Cost-Efficient Data Centers (submitted paper should quantify cost efficiency on the scale of a data center. Company representatives are encouraged to share their best practices.

ISC Awards Program

Three awards will be given to the most outstanding research papers. The first is the ISC Research Paper Award, which will be awarded to a paper deemed deserving by the Research Paper Committee. The winner will be announced during the opening session, and will be provided the opportunity to deliver a keynote during the 2015 research paper session, as well as receive free conference participation for 2016.


The second is the Gauss Award, which will be given to the most outstanding paper in the field of scalable supercomputing. It is sponsored by the German Gauss Center for Supercomputing, which is a collaboration between the German national supercomputing centers at Garching, Juelich and Stuttgart. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of 3,000 Euros and given the opportunity to deliver a keynote about the winning paper during the research session.

Lastly there is the PRACE (the Partnership for Advanced Computing) ISC Award, which will be given to the paper deemed best by the PRACE Scientific Steering Committee in one of the following areas: a breakthrough in science achieved through high performance computing; an algorithms or implementations that achieves a significant improvements in scalability or performance; or a novel approach to performance evaluation on massively parallel architecture. The winner will receive sponsorship for participation in a training event or a conference related to petascale computing. They will also enjoy the opportunity to deliver a keynote about their work during the 2015 research session.

ISC 2015 Tutorials


Once again, the event will be hosting tutorials as part of the pre-conference program. ISC Tutorials are intended as interactive courses focusing on key topics in high performance systems, networking and storage. The organizers hope to cover all areas as listed in the Call for Papers, thus encouraging tutorials of broad applicability rather than those focusing solely on research in a limited domain or a particular group.

The organizers also encourage presenters to incorporate hands-on sessions, where it is appropriate, and provide the attendees with a comprehensive introduction to the state-of-the-art in the topic before moving on to cover specific approaches in more depth.

New: ISC Workshops

In 2015, ISC will be organizing workshops for the first time. The goal is to provide a focused, in-depth platform for presentations, discussion and interaction in particular subject areas. The organizers are looking for proposals on topics related to all aspects of research, development, and application of large-scale, high-performance experimental and commercial systems.


Suitable topics include HPC computer architecture and hardware, programming models, system software, applications, solutions for heterogeneity, reliability, and power efficiency, as well as big data and cloud computing. The workshops will be held on Thursday, July 16. For details, please click here.

ISC Research Poster and HPC in Asia Poster

At ISC High Performance you have the opportunity to participate in two different poster sessions: the ISC Research Poster and the HPC in Asia Poster sessions.


The ISC Research Poster authors will have the opportunity to give short presentations on their posters on Monday, July 13. The ISC HPC in Asia Poster submitters will be presenting their posters at the HPC in Asia session. All posters will be on display during the entire conference.


For all available submission opportunities, please refer to

About ISC High Performance


Moving into its 30th year, ISC High Performance is the world’s oldest and Europe’s most important conference and networking event for the HPC community. It offers a strong five-day technical program focusing on HPC technological development and its application in scientific fields, as well as its adoption in commercial environments.


Over 300 hand-picked expert speakers and 160 exhibitors, consisting of leading research centers and vendors, will greet attendees at ISC High Performance. A number of events complement the technical program including Tutorials, the TOP500 Announcement, Research Paper Sessions, Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) Sessions, the Research Poster Session, Exhibitor Forums, and Workshops.


ISC High Performance is open to engineers, IT specialists, systems developers, vendors, end users, scientists, researchers, students and other members of the HPC global community. The exhibition attracts decision-makers from automotive, defense, aeronautical, gas & oil, banking and other industries, as well as analysts, solution providers, data storage suppliers, distributors, hardware manufacturers, software providers, the media, scientists, and academicians. By attending, they will to learn firsthand about new products and applications, in addition to the latest technological advances in the HPC industry.

Source: ISC Events

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