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Practical Advice for Knights Landing Coders

Feb 5, 2015 |

The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) is on track to get its next supercomputer system, Cori, by mid-2016. While that’s more than a year away, it’s not too soon to start preparing for the new 30+ petaflops Cray machine, which will feature Intel’s next-generation Knights Landing architecture. So says Richard Gerber, Senior Science Read more…

Obama’s 2016 Budget Boosts R&D, Exascale Funding

Feb 4, 2015 |

On Monday, the Obama administration sent its FY 2016 budget request to Congress for the new fiscal year starting October 1. A chapter on Research and Development prepared by the Office of Management and Budget states that the Administration is seeking an increase of 5.5 percent for all federal R&D over current levels for a total Read more…

Trans-Continental InfiniBand Charts Exascale Course

Feb 3, 2015 |

Many nations are racing to cross the exascale computing finish line by roughly 2020. Yet the challenges are such that establishing useful exascale computers some 50-100 times faster than today’s leadership machines requires the coordinated efforts of a vast array of stakeholders. At Supercomputing 2014 (SC14), an industry collaboration called InfiniCortex launched with the goal Read more…

Team Wits-A reigned over 2014 CHPC Student Cluster Competition

Jan 28, 2015 |

At the Dec. 1-5, 2014, South African Center for High Performance Computing’s (CHPC) Ninth National Meeting, student-participants of their third annual student cluster challenge worked diligently under the leadership of CHPC Supervisors David Macleod and Nicholas Thorne. South Africa hopes for a three-peat victory in July at the HPC Advisory Council’s International Supercomputing Conference (HPCAC-ISC) Read more…

DOE Seeks to Mend HPC Talent Gap

Jan 27, 2015 |

Get a group of HPC stakeholders in a room and it won’t be long before they are bemoaning the talent shortage, the gap between the demand for a well-trained HPC workforce versus the number of qualified candidates available to fulfill these positions. Despite the attention paid to this topic, the HPC talent gap has been Read more…

Short Takes

Cornell Levies Blue Waters to Curb Flooding

Feb 18, 2015 |

With the steady progression of climate change, the rate of flooding across the globe is only expected to rise. But according to a new study from Cornell University, our first line of defense ­– a series of weather satellites situated hundreds of miles above the Earth’s surface – are in need of some serious overhaul. Read more…

Researchers Clear Hurdle on the Path to DNA Storage

Feb 17, 2015 |

The frenzied pace of data accumulation in the digital age is pushing scientists to come up with some interesting solutions. Take DNA-based storage, for example. What if the world’s oldest storage mechanism turned out to be the most future-proof as well? With the development of more affordable encoding and retrieval tools for DNA storage, some scientists are predicting practical applications Read more…

ROSE Framework Blooms Toward Exascale

Feb 12, 2015 |

One of the many ways that the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) supports the Department of Energy Office of Science facilities is by championing the research that powers computational science. A recent ASCR Discovery feature takes a look at how the DOE science community is preparing for extreme-scale programming. As supercomputers reach exascale Read more…

NASA Supercomputer Intensifies Exomoon Search

Feb 11, 2015 |

Aliens – they aren’t just the cornerstone of science fiction; they’re at the center of a key question for astronomers and philosophers alike: “Are we alone in the universe?” Recently, NASA has made strides toward answering this question through its search for potentially habitable planets beyond our solar system. Not only could finding such a Read more…

LANL’s Ulam Super Finds New Job at University of New Mexico

Feb 10, 2015 |

After its tenure at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the Ulam supercomputer hit its retirement age in early 2014. But rather than simply decommissioning the system, the New Mexico Consortium opted to let it live out the rest of its days serving another community: the University of New Mexico (UNM). Now housed in what was Read more…

Off the Wire

Yale Physicists Find New Form of Quantum Friction

Feb 25, 2015 |

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Feb. 25 — Physicists at Yale University have observed a new form of quantum friction that could serve as a basis for robust information storage in quantum computers in the future. The researchers are building upon decades of research, experimentally demonstrating a procedure theorized nearly 30 years ago. The results appear in the Read more…

Kitware Part of Team to Address Climate Change Issues

Feb 25, 2015 |

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y., Feb. 25 — High-performance computing (HPC) will be used to develop and apply the most complete climate and Earth system model to address the most challenging and demanding climate change issues. This is the charge given by the Department of Energy (DOE) to eight national laboratories, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, four Read more…

PRACE Invites Students to Participate in Summer of HPC 2015

Feb 25, 2015 |

Feb. 25 — The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) invites students to participate in the summer programme Summer of HPC 2015. The programme enables students to go to 10 PRACE member centres around Europe, where they will work on various projects with the help of the most advanced supercomputer systems. Applications are open Read more…

International HPC Summer School 2015 is Accepting Applications

Feb 23, 2015 |

Feb. 23 — Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from institutions in Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States are invited to apply for the sixth International Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences, to be held June 21-26, 2015, in Toronto, Canada. Applications are due March 11, 2015. The summer school is sponsored by Read more…

UMBC Researchers Utilize Terascala HPC Storage Offering

Feb 23, 2015 |

BOSTON, Mass., Feb. 23 — Terascala, the industry leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) storage management software, today announced that its TeraOS software manages the Lustre-based parallel storage system at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) HPC Facility (HPCF). Terascala’s certified software stack monitors the health and performance of the storage appliance and raises alerts, Read more…