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HPC Prospects in Qatar

Nov 11, 2013 |

All countries have some computing capability, but relatively fewer are serious players in HPC.  So far in the Middle East, the only country to place machines on the Top500 list is Saudi Arabia.  Qatar, which is right next door, is a very wealthy and focused country that could easily become a significant HPC power.  Why Read more…

EU Calls for Unified Supercomputing Strategy

Oct 17, 2013 |

Last month the preeminent European research body PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, initiated a more holistic approach for boosting Europe’s competitiveness with the vision of “supercomputers for all.” With HPC firmly established in the scientific community, it’s time to extend the benefits of supercomputing into channels of industry to promote economic opportunity. Read more…

China’s Exascale Ambitions

Oct 11, 2013 |

“Beware the sleeping dragon. For when she awakes the Earth will shake.” — Winston Churchill, speaking about China For two decades, has published a biannual list of the world’s fastest computing machines. For the first 17 years, the competition for the number one spot was a back-and-forth match between the United States and Japan. Read more…

Shutdown Signals Serious Hit for SGI

Oct 11, 2013 |

It’s hard to ignore the news filtering in around the effects of the government shutdown, especially for many of our readers who work at some of the top U.S. research institutions and national labs. But the effects are definitely being felt beyond academia as the vendors who supply those labs and organizations with HPC gear Read more…

Supercomputing Enables Climate Time Machine

Sep 23, 2013 |

Climate scientists use DOE supercomputers to provide independent confirmation of global land warming since 1901 – further evidence of anthropogenic global climate change. Project shows “predictions” not only possible, but also highly accurate…

Short Takes

UK Invests £270 Million in Quantum Computing

Dec 11, 2013 |

Last week, the UK government announced that it is investing £270 million toward quantum computing research as part of the government’s long-term economic plan. The funds will be divided among five quantum technology centers over the next five years. The initiative was announced as part of Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, delivered last week in Read more…

Supercomputing for Cleaner Coal

Nov 19, 2013 |

In 2012, coal was used for about 37 percent of the 4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity produced in the United States, making it the most common fuel for generating electricity in the nation. When coal, a fossil fuel, is burned, it emits pollution in the form of smog, acid rain, and greenhouse gases. Coal plants are Read more…

Titan Gets A Little Help

Nov 18, 2013 |

With the announcement of the 42nd TOP500 list at SC13 in Denver today, Titan, the 17.6 petaflop (Rmax) Cray XK7 system installed at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, held onto its number-two spot for another year, but in this era of big data, even the largest supercomputer in the United States Read more…

DOE Funds Exascale Interconnect R&D

Nov 15, 2013 |

The Department of Energy (DOE) continues to prime the R&D pump for the next-generation of supercomputers, exascale machines 50 times more powerful than today’s leading number-crunchers. In order to bring this goal to fruition, the Department of Energy’s Office of Science together with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) have awarded $25.4 million in research Read more…

America COMPETES Act Reauthorization Hearing

Nov 11, 2013 |

On Wednesday, November 6, 2013, the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing to explore the reauthorization of the America COMPETES Act, which funds government research and development initiatives, essential for maintaining the country’s global position. Passed in 2007, the America COMPETES Act was intended to double federal spending in science Read more…

Off the Wire

T-Platforms Removed From Entity List

Jan 17, 2014 |

MOSCOW, Jan. 17 — T-Platforms, an international developer of supercomputers and a supplier of a full range of solutions and services for high-performance computing, announces its name has been removed from the list of organizations allegedly acting contrary to the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States, known as the Entity List.  Read more…

ALCC Issues Call for Proposals

Jan 14, 2014 |

Jan. 14 — The mission of the ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) is to provide an allocation program for projects of interest to the Department of Energy (DOE) with an emphasis on high-risk, high-payoff simulations in areas directly related to the DOE mission and for broadening the community of researchers capable of using leadership computing Read more…

UB to Receive $50M to Increase Research Capabilities

Jan 10, 2014 |

Jan. 10 — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has announced that the University at Buffalo will co-lead a statewide effort to position New York State as a national leader in genomic medicine. At his State of the State address, Cuomo said UB will partner with the New York Genome Center (NYGC) in Manhattan to accelerate recent Read more…

Mellanox Interconnect Solutions Available Through SYNNEX GSA Schedule

Jan 8, 2014 |

SUNNYVALE, Calif. & YOKNEAM, Israel, Jan. 8 – Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced that its full lines of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions are now available through SYNNEX Corporation’s General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule. SYNNEX government solution providers can now deliver Read more…

Space Micro Joins Consortium for Advanced Space Computing

Jan 2, 2014 |

Jan. 2 — Space Micro has joined the joint industry-government-academia consortium called CHREC. Headed by University of Florida, Dr. Alan George, CHREC is the Center for High performance Reconfigurable Computing Center. Space Micro’s CEO David J. Strobel, expressing his pleasure with this new agreement and membership, commented, “Space Micro is at the forefront of advanced Read more…