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February 26, 2014

Podcast: Meet the Man Who Says He’s Building the First Exascale System…in 2014

Nicole Hemsoth

Today we’ll be having a very interesting guest with a $50 billion vision that he says is being realized at the moment. John Fitzpatrick is in the midst of forming a company that he says will provide competitively priced commodity cloud-based services on what he’s calling the world’s first Exaflop Supercomputer.

The datacenter is set to be in the Port of Morrow in Oregon and will based on a modular design with with 1000 MegaWatts of clean Fuel Cell Power and One ExaFlop of Intel High Performance Computing technologies inside with one Exabyte of storage.

*UPDATE* Friday, Feb. 28, 4:20 p.m. Eastern: -

Posted by Nicole Hemsoth, Managing Editor HPCwire

Many of you have asked, “who is this guy” which was a difficult question to answer since there is very little about him to be found. Here’s what I’ve been able to find thus far, and let me just say, doesn’t strengthen the case.

For your consideration, gentle reader…

Started college at Portland State from age 12 he says–took till he was 21 but no degree info found. He claims a PhD program but can’t find anything.

Performed consulting work with Portland Area Non-Profits in the late 80s. Relocated to Los Angeles California in 1990.
Was on the Board of Beverly Hills Television and became an Access Television Producer. Returned to Oregon in 1994 and was an Anti-Pornography Activist.

Ran for United States Senate in Oregon in 1998 and placed second in a three way race with 27% of vote statewide .

Relocated back to Los Angeles and in 2001 developed a supercomputer system for trading — (here is the only credible/validated thing I’ve seen thus far)

Some legal troubles: .

Relocated to Washington DC in 2011. Sought a fast track $2billion securities offering for my insurance company Trust Shares under the Bankruptcy Code, but the Justice Department objected and the case was dismissed

Came to Oregon in 2013 to build next supercomputer with Intel to trade $250 billion monthly in G10 spot FX on the Thomson Reuters platform. Or so the claim goes.

Truth be stranger than any fiction imaginable…

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