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Altair Crash Tests New Xeon E7s

Mar 12, 2014 |

RADIOSS, one of the top structural analysis solvers in the industry, is used by auto companies like Ford and PSA in France to run car crash and other simulations to test safety and viability of a broad array of products. Like similar CAE codes, it is highly parallelized for top performance on large, powerful clusters–and Read more…

Crash Testing at Scale

Jan 14, 2014 |

Over on Cray’s blog site, the company’s manufacturing segment manager, Greg Clifford, writes about the performance of explicit structural applications at scale as a follow-up post to a blog on extreme scaling in CAE applications,” which shows such applications successfully scaling to over 10,000 cores. The new entry is concerned with the scaling performance of Read more…

Freeing CAE Jobs from Zombie Computing

Nov 14, 2013 |

Over at Desktop Engineering, Kenneth Wong has published “The Zombie Computer Survival Guide,” or “things to consider when shopping for HPC for simulation.” Wong writes that “sooner or later, advanced CAE software user will have to face the invasion of the zombie desktop computers.” This is the inevitable point when underpowered desktop computers forced to run Read more…