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Westmere Ushers in the Second Coming of Multicore

Mar 18, 2010 |

Latest silicon from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA will change the workstation-cluster dynamic.

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Remote Direct Memory Access Networking for HPC: Comparative Review of 10GbE iWARP and InfiniBand

Feb 24, 2010 |

Cluster computing systems have caused disruptive changes in the HPC market. One consequence of the range of requirements for cluster networking is that the leading interconnects in HPC are Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), which is based on Ethernet networking standard, and InfiniBand, delivering upwards of 10X performance vs. GbE. Both show significant deployment in HPC.

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Penguin Adds HPC On-Demand Service

Aug 12, 2009 |

Linux cluster maker Penguin Computing hopped on the HPC-in-a-cloud bandwagon this week with the announcement of its HPC on-demand service. Called Penguin On Demand (POD), the service consists of an HPC compute infrastructure whose capacity can be rented on a pay-as-you-go basis or through a monthly subscription.

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Fireflies and Ants

Jul 22, 2009 |

Large insect populations synchronize globally, but communicate locally. A lesson for parallel computing?

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Q&A with SiCortex Co-Founder Matt Reilly

Jun 5, 2009 |

SiCortex co-founder Matt Reilly talks about what the demise of SiCortex means for HPC.

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The Servtainer Has Arrived

Apr 22, 2009 |

The shipping container has become the new supercomputer case.

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The Clustering Way

Apr 8, 2009 |

Aside from a new processor for cluster vendors to sell, the Nehalem represents a more subtle change in the market.

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Good Enough Will Have To Do

Mar 18, 2009 |

Determining how fast your application will run on multicore-based systems all depends, And, it may not depend on you.

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Beowulf Is Dead?

Mar 13, 2009 |

Relax. It is just a catchy headline to draw your attention to some classic insights into the HPC cluster market.

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The Beowulf Questions

Feb 19, 2009 |

Would a cluster by any other name be as cool?

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