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Cray Adds CX1000 to HPC Portfolio

Mar 24, 2010 |

Cray has introduced a new line of entry- and mid-level HPC systems, making good on its promise to fill the gap between its CX1 deskside systems and XT mini-supers. Called the CX1000, the new machine makes use of the latest Intel Xeon processors and, from a performance standpoint, picks up where the CX1 leaves off.

Cray Brings Windows 7 to HPC

Nov 12, 2009 |

If you thought Windows 7 was just for mere mortals, think again. Microsoft’s latest OS is about to show up in Cray’s newest CX1 deskside supercomputer that puts a Windows workstation and a Windows HPC Server cluster into a single box.

Cloud Computing for Life Sciences

Nov 11, 2009 |

A special report from Bio-IT World looks at cloud adoption in biotech.

The Week in Review

Oct 29, 2009 |

Computer science students at LSU get a new cluster; and Tilera achieves the 100-core mark with its latest processor family. We recap those stories and more in our weekly wrapup.

Interview with Dr. Gaurav Khanna, A Pioneer In The PS3 Supercomputing Field

Oct 6, 2009 |

An astrophysicist builds a PlayStation cluster.

SGI Makes Leap Into ‘Personal Supercomputing’

Sep 21, 2009 |

SGI has launched a deskside HPC cluster product aimed at users looking for supercomputers they can call their own. The new product line, called Octane III, also marks the re-entry of the company into the high performance workstation space.

The Core-Diameter

Aug 12, 2009 |

How big of a cluster can you build?

Cray Adds CX1 Variant to Entice First Time HPC Users

Jul 16, 2009 |

Putting a Cray supercomputer in your office just got a lot cheaper. The company has unveiled a low-end derivative of its CX1 personal deskside system for high performance computing. Called the CX1-LC (for “Light Configuration”), the product has a starting price of less than $12,000, which is less than half the cost of the entry-level machine for the standard CX1 offering.

QLogic Makes Push with Cluster Test Drive Center

Jul 14, 2009 |

Now that QLogic has a fully populated InfiniBand product line, the company is looking to make up for lost time against the competition.

Bull Makes Big Push Into HPC with New Supercomputer Blades

Jun 16, 2009 |

French-owned computer maker Bull has unveiled a new family of HPC servers based on a novel blade architecture. Branded as “bullx,” for extreme computing, the blades are designed for speed, density, energy efficiency and ease of management.