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Matching the Use Case to Architecture is Critical in Life Science

Oct 21, 2015 |

Getting useful information from life sciences laboratory data in a timely manner requires selecting a suitable architecture that brings together complementary compute, memory, storage and networking resources. As noted in an earlier article in this series, there are some general rules of thumb for selecting which type of compute node works best for different workloads. Read more…

Exploring Large Data for Scientific Discovery

Aug 27, 2015 |

A curse of dealing with mounds of data so massive that they require special tools, said computer scientist Valerio Pascucci, is if you look for something, you will probably find it, thus injecting bias into the analysis.

Data Management in Times of Disaster

Apr 4, 2014 |

When natural disaster strikes – be it a flood, an earthquake or a tsunami – every second counts. Just as emergency teams must be ready to go in a moment’s notice so must critical data management systems. This important topic, an essential element of civil protection around the world, is the focus of a research paper, Read more…

Blue Waters Supercomputer to Use Grid-Based File Service

Jan 25, 2012 |

NCSA chooses Globus Online as big data mover.