Tag: Fermi GPU

AMD Still Playing Catchup in GPU Computing Race

Aug 18, 2010 |

For GPGPU, NVIDIA still holds the cards.

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T-Platforms Announces ‘Fermi’ GPU-Equipped Blades

Jul 18, 2010 |

Russian HPC cluster vendor T-Platforms says it will be adding NVIDIA’s Tesla 20-series (Fermi-class) GPUs into its latest blade offering. According to the company, the GPGPU blade will feature a “very high computing density design along with aggressive power-saving schemes for heterogeneous environments.”

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TOP500 Sluggish, But Chinese Supers May Portend Big Changes Ahead

May 31, 2010 |

A Chinese supercomputer called Nebulae, powered by the latest Fermi GPUs, grabbed the number two spot on the TOP500 list announced earlier today. The new machine delivered 1.27 petaflops of Linpack performance, yielding only to the 1.76 petaflop Jaguar system, which retained its number one berth.

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Dally Disses Multicore

May 6, 2010 |

CPU performance has hit a wall, says NVIDIA chief scientist.

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