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Arista Finds Niche in High Frequency Trading

Sep 14, 2009 |

Newcomer Arista Networks has found a comfortable home for its high performance Ethernet switches on Wall Street. Company founder Andy Bechtolsheim explains why Arista’s low latency switches are an especially good fit for the lucrative algorithmic trading business.

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Low Latency 10 GigE Looks to Build HPC Cred

Sep 10, 2009 |

A focus on low latency is giving a new breed of Ethernet switch vendors a leg up on their competition.

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Computer-Trading Worries Grow as NYSE Builds New Datacenter

Aug 3, 2009 |

Wall Street pushes ahead with plans to accelerate computer trading.

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Pump Up the Volume

Jul 30, 2009 |

More angst about high frequency trading.

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The Matrix, But with Money: The World of High-Speed Trading

Jul 28, 2009 |

This isn’t your father’s the stock market.

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Is Supercomputing Cheating the Small Investor?

Jul 27, 2009 |

High frequency trading comes under scrutiny.

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