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HPC Wales Creates Distributed Supercomputing Network

Aug 29, 2013 |

Businesses, schools, and other organizations in Wales now have access to HPC resources as a result of a new distributed supercomputing network unveiled by HPC Wales. The group says the network is the first of its kind in the UK, and will not only be a boon to Welsh researchers but will help with education too.

HPC Wales Taps Fujitsu to Build Supercomputing Grid

Mar 23, 2011 |

HPC Wales has selected Fujitsu to deliver a 190-teraflop high performance computing grid that will be deployed at a number of sites across the Welsh countryside. Fujitsu will be paid £15m ($24 million) over the next four years to construct the computing infrastructure for the project, as well as provide application and computing expertise.

Fujitsu Renews HPC Vows with UK Grid Project

Mar 22, 2011 |

Although it has been a staple in the HPC ecosystem for decades, Fujitsu claims it wants to reinvigorate its commitment to high performance computing, beginning with a large distributed grid in the UK.