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Larry Smarr on Solving the Big Data Challenge in HPC

Sep 25, 2015 |

Internet pioneer Larry Smarr once had a vision of bringing connected computers out of academia and into the consumer world. Today, he envisions a second virtual highway, one capable of delivering on the promise of big data by leveraging fiber optic networks to transmit data at speeds of 10 gigabits to 100 gigabits per second. The idea Read more…

NSF Project Seeks to Improve Supercomputer Reliability

Sep 18, 2015 |

A National Science Foundation-funded project headed by Purdue University Professor Saurabh Bagchi is using Purdue’s new Rice cluster, Blue Waters at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and other supercomputers in research to find ways make such high-end systems more reliable. An article detailing the project posted at Purdue with a brief excerpt below. Read more…

HPC User Forum Presses NSCI Panelists on Plans

Sep 17, 2015 |

In less than two months, the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) Executive Council must present its implementation plan. Just what that will look like remains a mystery but budgets, governance, and private-public partnering models were on the minds of attendees to last week’s HPC User Forum in Broomfield, CO, where the first public panels with Read more…

U of Michigan Project Combines Modeling and Machine Learning

Sep 10, 2015 |

Although we’ve yet to settle on a term for it, the convergence of HPC and a new generation of big data technologies is set to transform science. The compute-plus-data mantra reaches all the way to the White House with President Obama’s National Strategic Computing Initiative calling for useful exascale computing and sophisticated data capabilities that serve the Read more…

Making Sense of Cyberinfrastructure

Aug 17, 2015 |

Cyberinfrastructure. If there’s one word that’s likely to create confusion both within the scientific research community and among the public at large, this may be it. Yet the concept of cyberinfrastructure is at the very core of the nation’s top scientific research priorities, and the National Science Foundation is firmly committed to continuing to make cyberinfrastructure resources available to researchers across the nation.

HPC User Forum Panel will Dig into NSCI’s Promise and Peril

Aug 17, 2015 |

What’s next for the National Strategic Computing Initiative? The HPC User Forum will start the process of answering that question by presenting the first public panel of speakers from NSCI lead agencies at its September meeting in Denver. Budgets, technology goals, industry collaboration, governance are all likely to be fair game at this meeting of Read more…

XSEDE15 Wrapup Emphasizes Strong Student Focus

Aug 10, 2015 |

The XSEDE15 Conference was held in St. Louis, Mo., from July 26-30. The fourth annual conference showcased the discoveries, innovations, challenges and achievements of those who use and support XSEDE resources and services, as well as other digital resources and services throughout the world, like supercomputers and help services. The host hotel, the Renaissance St. Read more…

Script for Bioinformatics App Nixes HPC File-System Tangle

Jul 31, 2015 |

Staff in NSF’s XSEDE network have created a script that avoids file-system tangles seen when scaling some common scientific applications for use on HPC systems, according to Antonio Gomez Iglesias of the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). The fix can be useful to many users employing similar applications, he said Tuesday in a presentation at Read more…

XSEDE Panel Highlights Diversity of NSF Computing Resources

Jul 31, 2015 |

A plenary panel at the XSEDE15 conference, which took place this week in St. Louis, Mo., highlighted the broad spectrum of computing resources provided by the National Science Foundation, including several new and testbed projects and an effort to help more people use cyberinfrastructure to advance their research. “I don’t think there has been a Read more…

Jetstream: Targeting the Long Tail of Science

May 21, 2015 |

Improving HPC access to the so-called long tail of science is an ongoing NSF priority. Several initiatives, funded at least in part by NSF, are underway and one – Jetstream – is the first NSF-funded HPC Cloud targeted directly at domain scientists and engineers who typically have limited access to HPC resources and limited expertise. Read more…