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IBM Takes Step Toward Nanotube-Based Computing

Oct 30, 2012 |

Big Blue’s research arm makes carbon more transistor-friendly.

Famous Physicist Predicts the End of Silicon-Based Computing

May 1, 2012 |

Michio Kaku says Moore’s Law is slowing and will wind down by 2022.

Designer of Microprocessor-Memory Chip Aims to Topple Memory and Power Walls

Jan 17, 2012 |

<img style=”float: left;” src=”” alt=”” width=”106″ height=”89″ />Whether you’re talking about high performance computers, enterprise servers, or mobile devices, the two biggest impediments to application performance in computing today are the memory wall and the power wall. Venray Technology is aiming to knock down those walls with a unique approach that puts CPU cores and DRAM on the same die. The company has been in semi-stealth mode since it inception seven years ago, but is now trying to get the word out about its technology as it searches for a commercial buyer.

A Slick New Semiconductor

Feb 1, 2011 |

Swiss researchers say molybdenite is better than silicon or graphene.

HP Sees a Revolution in Memory Chip

Apr 8, 2010 |

Memristors can be used to store and process data on the same chip.

Graphene Transistors That Work at Blistering Speeds

Feb 5, 2010 |

IBM has created graphene transistors that leave silicon ones in the dust.

Save Our Semiconductors

Jan 22, 2009 |

A Purdue researcher is developing new nano-simulation tools on TACC’s “Ranger” supercomputer to design smaller transistors