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Microsoft Opens Windows Azure Cloud to Linux

Jan 9, 2012 |

If the rumors are true, soon Azure customers will be able to create virtual Linux servers without losing data.

Research Targets Computational Experiments in the Cloud

Jul 27, 2011 |

A team of researchers, with backing from Amazon Web Services, set about to explore the viability of running computational experiments on virtualized hardware–specifically, Amazon’s public cloud. Their findings confirm that there are benefits but also explore some of the challenges that persist. We talk with one of the leads of the “experiment on experiments” to learn more.

Microsoft “Targets” Virtualization Goals of Mega-Retailers

Mar 25, 2011 |

Implementing an aggressive virtualization strategy involving over 300,000 endpoints, including 15,000 servers, 29,000 workstations and several other sources of input is no simple task. American retail giant Target announced how it managed the feat, while at the same time giving Microsoft some credibility in its role in a sphere dominated by stiff competition.

Clouds Envelop HPC

Nov 5, 2009 |

Cloud computing is swallowing the world and taking HPC with it.