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Chipmakers Look to Rock High-End Server Biz

Apr 1, 2010 |

Intel and AMD ante up new server chips, place their bets.

CPU March Madness Ends with Intel Nehalem EX Launch

Mar 31, 2010 |

In what has become one of the busiest months ever for CPU introductions, Intel got its final say on Tuesday with the launch of its much-anticipated Nehalem EX. The new processor line encompasses the Xeon 7500 and 6500 series and will be the basis for shared memory SMP systems from dozens of server makers, including HPC stalwarts like Cray, SGI, and Bull.

Intel Partners See ‘Easy’ Upgrade Path With Xeon 5600 Chips

Mar 18, 2010 |

Westmere parts already showing up in HPC machines.

AMD: OEMs primed for Opteron 6100s

Mar 17, 2010 |

But what about the tier ones?

Intel Ups Performance Ante with Westmere Server Chips

Mar 16, 2010 |

Right on schedule, Intel has launched its Xeon 5600 processors, codenamed “Westmere EP.” The 5600 represents the 32nm sequel to the Xeon 5500 (Nehalem EP) for dual-socket servers. Intel is touting better performance and energy efficiency, along with new security features, as the big selling points of the new Xeons.

AMD Tries to Draw Intel Into Chip Battle

Mar 8, 2010 |

AMD offers up 48-core server prize.

HPC Madness: March Is More Cores Month

Mar 4, 2010 |

The new x86 multicore offerings could portend big changes for HPC platforms.

March is the Month of Multi-Core CPUs

Mar 1, 2010 |

New chips from Intel and AMD to launch this month

Chips Ahoy: Vendors Show Off Their Latest Silicon

Feb 9, 2010 |

Chipmakers converged on San Francisco this week to talk up their newest semiconductor products at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). Of particular interest to the HPC crowd are Intel’s Westmere EP and “Tukwila” Itanium 9300, and IBM’s POWER7.

Intel Sneak Peeks Westmere EP Server Silicon

Feb 4, 2010 |

Intel will preview first 32nm Xeon chips on Monday.