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Cloud Bolsters HPC/HTC Student Research

Dec 9, 2013 |

Usually terms such as high performance and high availability are addressed by big corporations and institutions; however, something has changed over the past years as a real revolution is emerging from university classrooms. Dr. Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti, Assistant Professor in Computer Architecture at Complutense University of Madrid, describes some of the promising work being carried Read more…

SC13 Research Highlight: COCA Targets Datacenter Costs, Carbon Neutrality

Nov 16, 2013 |

The rapid growth of high performance computing and cloud computing services in recent years has contributed to the dramatic increase in the number and scale of data centers, resulting in a huge demand for electricity. According to recent studies, the combined electricity consumption of global data centers amounts to 623 billion kWh annually and would Read more…

Fair Pricing Key to Node Sharing in HPC

Nov 13, 2013 |

Alex Breslow from the University of California San Diego describes in detail some of the unfairness that arises from the typical HPC accounting policy, which charges users proportionally to application run time and proposes some research-based solutions in this preview to his coming talk next week at SC13.

HPC Clouds and the Energy-Performance Tradeoff

Nov 7, 2013 |

Public cloud platforms have become popular as a means of accessing powerful computing resources without having to make large capital investments. While cloud computing is not a good fit for all HPC workloads, the lower barrier to entry has had a democratizing effect for some HPC users. Last month, IDC revealed that the percentage of Read more…

From Rendering LOTR to Animating HPC Clouds

Sep 16, 2013 |

Much has been written about the incredible animation work that went on behind the scenes of the Lord of the Rings series, but without the rendering horsepower of high performance systems, none of that would have been possible. In this audio-based interview feature, we talk with the former CIO behind that rendering effort who spun out Greenbutton, an HPC cloud company that…

Short Takes

Google Compute Engine Enters General Availability

Dec 5, 2013 |

Search giant Google announced this week that its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, Google Compute Engine (GCE), has gone into general availability. The news comes about 18 months after the service was launched at Google’s I/O conference in June 2012. The announcement of general availability brings several new features to the product, including expanded OS support, new Read more…

SC13 Demo Provides Impetus for AWS Experiment

Dec 4, 2013 |

Adaptive Computing, the company that powers many of the world’s largest technical computing environments with its Moab optimization and scheduling software, was among the many HPC-oriented vendors assembled at SC13 in Denver. In preparation for the show, Adaptive’s Chief Solutions Architect Daniel Hardman prepared to demo a new technology, called Moab Task Manager, that was launching during Read more…

AWS Launches ‘Ivy Bridge’-backed EC2 Instance Type

Nov 14, 2013 |

Today, during the Amazon Re:invent conference in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services rolled out a new generation of EC2 instances, aimed at the most compute-intensive applications. The C3 instance type sports the latest Intel Xeon processors, generous memory and fast storage and networking. The C3 joins the C1 and C2 instances that make up Amazon’s Read more…

Freeing CAE Jobs from Zombie Computing

Nov 14, 2013 |

Over at Desktop Engineering, Kenneth Wong has published “The Zombie Computer Survival Guide,” or “things to consider when shopping for HPC for simulation.” Wong writes that “sooner or later, advanced CAE software user will have to face the invasion of the zombie desktop computers.” This is the inevitable point when underpowered desktop computers forced to run Read more…

NASA Earth Science Data Now Available on AWS

Nov 12, 2013 |

NASA and Amazon Web Services have joined forces to provide an easier and more efficient way for researchers to access and process earth science data. A large collection of climate and earth science satellite data produced by the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) will now be freely available to research and educational users as well as citizen Read more…

Off the Wire

HPC Advisory Council Announces 1st Annual Brazil Conference

Apr 2, 2014 |

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 2 – The HPC Advisory Council, a leading organization for high-performance computing research, outreach and education, today announced that the HPC Advisory Council, in conjunction with the University of São Paulo, will host the 1st Annual HPC Advisory Council Brazil Conference 2014 at the University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil on May 26-27, 2014. The Read more…

PBio 2014 Issues Call for Papers

Mar 31, 2014 |

March 31 — Due to the success of the previous edition of the workshop (see PBio 2013), this year we organize the second edition of this international workshop as part of the prestigious conference IEEE Cluster 2014 (proceedings published by IEEE). In Bioinformatics, we can find a variety of problems which are affected by huge processing times and Read more…

Schrödinger Partners with Cycle Computing to Accelerate Materials Simulation

Mar 28, 2014 |

NEW YORK, N.Y., March 28 – Schrödinger, LLC and Cycle Computing, LLC announced today a partnership that will allow customers to run Schrödinger’s Materials Science Suite on the Cloud and elastic resources worldwide using Cycle Computing’s CycleCloudä orchestration software. Cloud Computing provides users timely access to scalable computational resources as needed, without prohibitive upfront capital investment Read more…

AMAX Announces Intel Open Compute Platform for HPC Applications

Mar 25, 2014 |

FREMONT, Calif., March 25 — AMAX, a leading provider of HPC and Data Center solutions, announced today that it will showcase a 19″ OCP-Ready GPU Platform, the Xr-2201Gk4, at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in the San Jose Convention Center. The Xr-2201Gk4 is the first offering from AMAX’s “OCP for HPC” product line. The platform Read more…

Bright Computing to Roll Out New Line of Products

Mar 19, 2014 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 19 – Bright Computing, the leading provider of management solutions for clusters and clouds, today announced plans to roll out a new line of products designed to manage High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, Apache Hadoop clusters, and OpenStack private clouds. The first product in the new lineup — Bright Cluster Manager 7 Read more…