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HPC in the Cloud Research Roundup

Mar 29, 2013 |

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”94″ height=”81″ />Our top HPC cloud research story this week lays out a lightweight approach to implementing virtual machine monitors. Other items explore an innovative parallel cloud storage system, HPC-to-cloud migration, anywhere-anytime cluster monitoring, and a framework for cloud storage.

On the Other Side of Moore’s Law

Mar 22, 2013 |

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”95″ height=”108″ />Intel Senior Fellow Stephen Pawlowski has watched Moore’s Law in action for 30 years, helping to develop new microprocessors at the company that Gordon Moore co-founded. Through that time he has made some observations and developed a prediction of his own: A faster version of Moore’s Law called Moore Squared, the topic of his coming keynote at ISC’13. We ask him a few questions.

The Week in HPC Research

Mar 21, 2013 |

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”95″ height=”95″ />The top research stories of the week include an evaluation of sparse matrix multiplication performance on Xeon Phi versus four other architectures; a survey of HPC energy efficiency; performance modeling of OpenMP, MPI and hybrid scientific applications using weak scaling; an exploration of anywhere, anytime cluster monitoring; and a framework for data-intensive cloud storage.

HPC in the Cloud Research Roundup

Mar 15, 2013 |

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”95″ height=”64″ />The top HPC cloud research story this week addresses the question: What if it were possible to cheaply and easily test the suitability of moving to a cloud platform – a virtual “try it before you buy it”? In other items, researchers explore the reliability of HPC cloud, take another pass at GPU virtualization, and evaluate I/O performance in Amazon’s EC2 cloud.

New OpenSFS Rep on the Future of Lustre

Mar 12, 2013 |

<img style=”float: left;” src=”” alt=”” width=”95″ height=”51″ />OpenSFS has chosen its Community Representative Director for 2013: Tommy Minyard, director of Advanced Computing Systems (ACS) at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). We got the new director’s views on Lustre’s opportunities in big data and exascale, maintaining a single source tree, and new features on the horizon.

Short Takes

Survey Tracks the State of Cloud Storage

Jun 29, 2012 |

A survey of CloudExpo attendees generates insight into the future of cloud storage services.

Changing the Phase of Memory

Jun 26, 2012 |

Researchers look to boost speed of phase change memory.

SSD: The Solid State Dilemma

Jun 12, 2012 |

Solid state storage provides a great many benefits for big data and cloud applications, but the technology has an achilles heel.

Wyoming Plays Host to Top 10 Super

Jun 11, 2012 |

Petascale supercomputing is coming to one of the least populated states in the US.

It’s Time to Put the Squeeze on Genomic Data

Jun 4, 2012 |

The explosion of sequenced genomes threatens to overwhelm the world’s storage capacity.

Off the Wire

Supermicro Reveals NVMe Servers Supporting New Intel SSD PCIe Family

Jun 3, 2014 |

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 3 — Super Micro Computer, Inc., a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server, storage technology and green computing announces NVMe servers supporting the new Intel Solid-State Drive PCIe Family at Computex this week in Taipei, Taiwan. Supermicro has early qualification and optimization of Intel’s SSD PCIe family on its 1U WIO, 2U Read more…

Ames Research Center Relying on Active Archive Alliance to Manage Data

Jun 2, 2014 |

BOULDER, Colo., June 2 – The Active Archive Alliance announced today that the NASA Ames Research Center (Ames) is utilizing an active archive to manage and store its high volume data. Ames is one of the world’s leading high-performance computing sites for data and provides NASA with advancements in entry, descent and landing technologies; information technology; next-generation aviation Read more…

OCZ to Unveil Latest Vector SSD at Computex 2014

Jun 2, 2014 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 2 – OCZ Storage Solutions, a Toshiba Group Company and leading provider of high-performance solid state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, will showcase its comprehensive storage portfolio supporting both enterprise and client applications, and will unveil a new Vector Series drive at Computex 2014, Taipei, Taiwan, June 3 through June 6, Read more…

HPC Cluster at UCSC is Enabling Researchers to Study Deep Space

Jun 2, 2014 |

BOSTON, Mass., June 2 – Terascala, the fast data company, today announced that the University of California, Santa Cruz, (UCSC) is advancing astrophysics research at the university using a Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution (DT-HSS). The high-performance solution is part of Hyades, the university’s powerful astrophysics supercomputer installed in 2013. Housed in the Communications Building, Hyades consists of 376 Intel Read more…

DDN Introduces Storage Solution with Capacity Exceeding 5 PBs in a Single Rack

Jun 2, 2014 |

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 2 – DataDirect Networks (DDN), the innovation leader for HPC and Big Data, today delivers another industry first with the availability of the world’s densest storage solution with capacity of more than 5 PBs in a single rack. As the exponential growth of Big Data continues to put significant strain on IT infrastructures and Read more…