Corporate Liaisons: Intel & Sun Announce Alliance. NEC and Lucent Sign Agrmt. Seagate & Compaq Ink Dvpt Agrmt.

December 19, 1997


  New York, NY -- As Reuters reported, Intel Corp and Sun Microsystems Inc
are expected to announce a broad technology alliance anchored on Intel's
forthcoming Merced microprocessor chip, the Wall Street Journal reported.
The agreement calls for a patent cross-licensing that will allow the two
companies to share semiconductor, computer-system and software
technologies, the newspaper said, quoting people familiar with the matter.
It said Sun is also expected to adapt its version of the Unix operating
system, called Solaris, to run on Intel's Merced chip.

  Intel expects to begin shipping Merced in 1999. The chip is targeted for
use in high-end workstations and server computers that are Sun's primary
business. It is based on a new computing architecture, jointly designed by
Intel and HewlettPackard Co that is designed to move Intel-based computers
into the highest reals of computing performance.


  Santa Clara, CA -- Lucent Technologies' Microelectronics Group and NEC
Corporation announced that Lucent has licensed NEC's 32-bit V850
microcontroller family core. Lucent will integrate the core into its 0.25-
and 0.35-micron Silicon Suite system-level IC offerings, enabling customers
to design sophisticated, system-level integrated circuits based on NEC's
32-bit RISC microcontroller architecture.

  "Customers requiring the low-power, high-speed capabilities of the V850
family now have another outstanding option for ASIC development and
expanded access to one of the industry's most advanced 32-bit RISC
microcontroller architectures," said David Lamar, senior product marketing
manager, microcontrollers, for NEC Electronics Inc. "We look forward to
working closely with Lucent on this and future core optimizations." NEC
also offers the V850 family and peripherals as a macro in its 0.35-micron
CB-C9 standard cell library.


  Maidenhead, UK -- Seagate Software, the provider of storage management,
network management and business intelligence solutions for Microsoft
Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation, announced a storage
management development agreement with Compaq Computer Corporation, the
server vendor and the world's second largest supplier of multi-user storage
systems. The new alliance calls for the coordinated development, marketing
and delivery of enterprise storage management technology.

  The focus of the agreement is to provide substantial new benefits to
Seagate Software's and Compaq's mutual customers. Joint engineering
efforts will enable the companies to provide customers with stable, finely
tuned systems that meet performance, reliability, and quality  standards
that customers have come to expect. In addition, the companies will provide
thorough integration testing of hardware and software to ensure immediate
and reliable operation of the solution.


  Palo Alto, CA -- Cisco Systems, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Company
introduced a Secure Web Transaction Solution (SWTS), which is designed to
increase online business security. HP and Cisco's SWTS is a combination of
Internet applications, a strong firewall for network protocols and a
high-performance network infrastructure. It helps customers to conduct
critical business processes, such as electronic commerce (e-commerce),
financial services and supply-chain management, securely over the Internet
while impeding intruders from gaining access to restricted data.

  As Cisco's Global Authorized Support provider and Professional Services
Provider, HP enables customers to realize the full benefits of the SWTS
solution, ensuring that business needs match the technology infrastructure.
Worldwide SWTS services feature upfront planning and design,
implementation, and ongoing support and maintenance.


  Rockville, MD -- INTERSOLV, Inc. announced an agreement with Siemens
Nixdorf, the largest European supplier of information technology, to
implement INTERSOLV DataDirect's integrated, standards-based data
connectivity middleware technology. Utilizing DataDirect's SequeLink server
middleware platform for maximum flexibility, Siemens Nixdorf will have
assured data access to critical business data across multiple standards,
platforms and databases.

  Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG chose to standardize its
enterprise middleware needs on DataDirect SequeLink technology. Employing
DataDirect SequeLink ODBC Edition for ODBC connectivity and DataDirect
SequeLink Java Edition for JDBC connectivity, Siemens Nixdorf will benefit
from a single, universal, thin-client architecture with a common middleware
server implementation for high-performance, n-tier data access.


  San Jose, CA -- Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that its place and
route software, and other EDA tools optimized for deep-submicron IC design,
have been purchased by AMD for digital and mixed-signal design. AMD has
entered into a multi-million-dollar contract with Cadence for software and

  "It's great to be working with a design, process, and manufacturing
pioneer like AMD," said Jack Harding, president and CEO of Cadence. "I look
forward to a long business and technology partnership with them as we
advance the state of the art in deep-submicron chip architecture and


  High Wycombe, UK -- BEA Systems, Inc., announced that Australia's largest
software company, Mincom, has signed a two-year partnership agreement to
embed BEA TUXEDO into its Mincom Information Management System (MIMS) Open
Enterprise architecture. Under this agreement, Mincom joins the "Built  on
BEA" programme, which provides technology and marketing support to  enable
Mincom to deliver open middleware-enabled client/server  applications

  "During the past year BEA has been working with Mincom to help deliver a
superior application infrastructure to their customers," said Ed Scott,
executive vice president of worldwide field operations for BEA. "This
announcement highlights the success of the past year and represents our
continued commitment to providing the best middleware solutions available.
MIMS Open Enterprise is Mincom's first major step  toward its delivery of
their vision for the future -Encorporate Enterprise Strategy. BEA now has
45 application companies that are "Built on BEA" partners, which embed or
enable our middleware into their products."


  Westboro, MA -- As Dow Jones reported, Data General Corp. signed an
independent software vendor agreement with APT of America Inc., a Naples,
Fla., software firm. The deal calls for APT's G7-migration system to be
available with Data General's AViiON server platform. Data General also
will provide migration services to simplify the move from legacy to open

  In a press release, Data General said the companies will conduct
feasability studies and client demonstrations at APT's headquarters. APT's
G7-migration system lets businesses move legacy applications and data to
Unix and Windows NT client/server operating environments. APT of America
specializes in the automated migration of legacy systems to client/server


  Minneapolis, MN -- Computer Network Technology (CNT) announced it has
reached an agreement with Software Diversified Services (SDS), Minneapolis,
Minn., in which SDS will purchase the Vision product line for approximately
$4 million. This product line is part of CNT's recent acquisition of the
Internet Solutions Division of Apertus Technologies Inc. The Vision suite
of mainframe-based products include systems management and performance
monitoring software.

  Under terms of the agreement, SDS will purchase the assets and
technologies associated with the Vision Product Line over a three-year
period with an initial payment of $2 million paid now. Additional payments
of up to $2 million will be made thereafter based on the actual revenues
generated over the three-year period. The Vision product line generated
revenues of approximately $2.5 million for the last 12 months.


  Toronto, Ontario -- As Canadian Corp News reported, DataMirror
Corporation, a developer of data transformation and replication software,
announced that it has acquired all of the customers, rights and source code
for the SQLPump software product from SoftQuest Corporation.

  SQLPump complements DataMirror's Transformation Server cross-platform
enterprise data replication product suite. The combination of
Transformation Server and SQLPump provides unequaled power and flexibility
to users of Lotus Notes. Companies can now easily move and synchronize
corporate databases and Lotus Notes database without changing their


  San Jose, CA -- As the LA Times reported, Quickturn Design Systems, Inc.
and SICAN GmbH, Hannover, Germany, jointly announced a strategic technology
and marketing partnership to enable ease of design verification of SICAN's
DesignObjects synthesizable soft cores with the user's design in
Quickturn's emulation and cycle-based simulation products. As part of the
partnership agreement, SICAN has become an Intellectual Property (IP)
Partner in Quickturn's Affinity Partnership Program.

  The goal of this relationship is to provide cycle- and emulation-friendly
IPs. The SICAN DesignObject family will be verified for use with
Quickturn's simulation and emulation systems. Quickturn is working with
Affinity IP Partners to enable ease of use for designers to emulate and
simulate IP blocks with proper internal visibility and debug flexibility.
Quickturn and SICAN are both members of the Virtual Socket Interface
Alliance (VSIA) whose goal is to provide an open standard for portable IP.


  San Jose, CA -- SiPCore, Inc., announced that LSI Logic Corp. will
license several high-performance, data conversion mixed-signal cores from
SiPCore. These Cores will expand LSI Logic's existing library of more than
40-mixed-signal cores used in the design of system on a chip
application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and standard products
targeting computer, consumer, and communications applications.

  "We are pleased to work with SiPCore to enhance our extensive
industry-leading portfolio of mixed-signal functions focused on data
conversion, data transport, and signal processing. Demand for mixed-signal
ASICs and standard products is growing rapidly and LSI Logic remains
committed to supplying a complete library of high performance mixed-signal
cores and related ASIC design methodologies. It is our intent to speed the
development of system on a chip ASICs and help our customers get their
products to market faster," said Greer Person, manager, Mixed-Signal
Products Marketing for LSI Logic.


  San Diego, CA -- Micromuse, Inc. and Cisco Systems, Inc. announced that
they have signed an agreement to work together to provide solutions
enabling the rapid deployment of service-level management technology in ATM
switched networks. The technology is based on Micromuse's Netcool
service-level management application.

  Under the agreement, Cisco will OEM the Netcool/OMNIbus service-level
management system. The agreement also calls for joint development of
Netcool enhancements, including tighter integration with Cisco's network
management products and the creation of predefined Netcool rules that will
enable out-of-the-box consolidation and rapid processing of high volumes of
management data. As a result, Cisco customers will realise the benefits of
highly configurable ATM service views and customer resource reporting, with
little or no configuration effort.


  Sunnyvale, CA -- GigaLabs, Inc., a provider of high-performance I/O
Switching technology, announced their founding membership in a new trade
organization, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). The SNIA
is a consortium of storage, networking, and operating system companies
working with the IS and Integration community to cooperatively achieve
standards and interoperability across networked storage systems.

  "Storage networking is an integral part of high speed networking, and
maximizes the total throughput of an enterprise system network," said Kon
Leong, president of GigaLabs. "The rapid formation and widespread support
of the SNIA confirms this issue's urgency and the combined vendor
commitment to providing solutions to the end user."


  Mountain View, CA -- Today, VERITAS Software, a provider of end-to-end
storage management software, and Uniq Professional Services, announce a
development and marketing agreement to deliver data replication
technologies to Solaris customers. The technology will provide Solaris
customers with extended high availability capabilities that deliver data
distribution and disaster recovery for enterprise environments over local
or wide area networks.

 "This joint development agreement will bring enterprise customers a solid
technology base for disaster recovery," said Simon Woodhead, Managing
Director of Uniq Professional Services. "Our replication technology has
been available for two years, and is a proven, robust enterprise solution.
When combined with VERITAS industry leading cluster products, it provides a
compelling availability solution not readily available in today's market."


  Palo Alto, CA -- Hewlett-Packard Company and Stac, Inc. announced a
strategic data-protection alliance. The agreement provides for the
development and marketing of data-protection solutions employing Stac's
information-recovery software, Replica, and HP's tape storage devices. This
combination of technologies is designed to enable both companies to satisfy
the increasing need for data-protection solutions that truly meet users'

  "We are pleased to collaborate with the storage industry leader," said
John Ticer, president and chief operating officer of Stac. "Our
complementary capabilities in the data-storage and data-protection markets
make this a logical move. Customers will now benefit from the proven
expertise of both companies and from our shared commitment to providing
leading-edge hardware and software and to increasing the adoption of data
protection as a core user strategy."


  Burlington, MA -- Thinking Machines Corp., a provider of advanced data
mining solutions for the financial services, telecommunications and data
marketing industries, today announced its partnership in the newly opened
Center for Data Insight (CDI) at Northern Arizona University. CDI is the
first academic facility designed to help companies test and develop data
mining technologies. It is a partnership of KPMG Consulting, the consulting
arm of KPMG Peat Marwick LLP; Retrograde Data-Systems; Northern Arizona
University; and 14 data analysis vendors.

  "CDI creates a low-risk environment for testing leading-edge data mining
technologies such as Darwin," said Charles Berger, director of marketing at
Thinking Machines. "This will give companies a chance to see Darwin in
action, building predictive models from large, complex customer databases -
an area where Darwin shines. By using multiple algorithms, Darwin increases
the effectiveness of knowledge discovery."


This file compiled by Steve Fisher, HPCwire managing editor.

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