Product Watch: Intel Expands Ntwk Sys Offerings. Sun Provides Storage to Sandpiper. IBM Intros DB2 Everywhere.

September 10, 1999



Hillsboro, OR — Intel Corporation announced the Intel 6000 Series Switch and the Intel Express 9500 and 8200 routers, new products that significantly expanded Intel’s network systems offerings. With the addition of these products, Intel has broadened its network systems offering to provide medium-size enterprise customers with more flexible and manageable end-to-end networking solutions.

“The incredible growth of the Internet has fueled the need for more robust access and infrastructure solutions,” said John Miner, vice president of Intel Communications Products Group. “Network systems products, including those we’re announcing today, are a strategic part of Intel’s plan to deliver integrated communications solutions to medium-size enterprises and Internet Service Providers. Networking has become one of Intel’s fastest-growing and most successful businesses, one that we will continue to grow through internal development, acquisitions, investments and alliances.”


Palo Alto, CA — Sun Microsystems, Inc., announced that Sandpiper Networks, a provider of comprehensive content delivery solutions for e-businesses, has chosen Sun as the strategic systems provider for building the industry’s most innovative storage infrastructure for multimedia. By standardizing on the Sun StorEdge platform and integrating over four terabytes of Sun StorEdge A1000 disk arrays with its own powerful Footprint service, Sandpiper is able to deliver broadcast quality streaming media faster and more reliably over the Web.

Sandpiper’s Footprint service, known for distributing Web content with speed and precision, demands a network infrastructure that can meet the increased demands of today’s content-rich Web sites. Among the most crucial factors in meeting Sandpiper’s needs is the ability to support the delivery of streaming media with the same heightened performance that the company brings to static content delivery. For more information visit


Armonk, NY — A new database platform from IBM will enable mobile workers to manage enterprise data, according to officials. DB2 Everywhere, which began shipping late last month, is a fully functioning relational database that can be embedded in applications that run on mobile devices.

The software, which has a 100KB footprint, supports Palm Computing’s Palm OS. IBM will bundle Puma Technology Inc.’s Satellite Forms Enterprise Edition development environment later this year, officials said. DB2 Everywhere is available now for free on IBM’s Web site. The software, packaged with Satellite Forms, will be priced at $1,750 per server and $49 per client. For more information visit


Chelmsford, MA — Mercury Computer Systems announced the availability of SANergy 1.6, adding performance enhancements and support for IBM AIX platforms to pre-existing support for Windows NT4, Macintosh, Sun Solaris, and SGI Irix systems.

Most significantly, SANergy 1.6 has also been tested and verified to support WindowsNT versions of popular enterprise applications and servers including Oracle v7 and v8, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM’s DB2 and Microsoft Exchange Server. For more information visit


Redmond, WA — Applied Microsystems Corporation (AMC) announced availability of CodeTEST Native, which was designed to analyze coverage, memory and executable trace for any software application running on a Sun SPARC/Solaris workstation. It is the latest in AMC’s CodeOPTIX family of embedded software visibility tools.

CodeTEST Native works solely on the developer’s host computer. This means software developers can conduct test analysis as soon as coding begins. By loading a target agent onto the host computer, users can compile to the host instead of compiling for a processor — the host computer essentially becomes a “virtual” target. For more information visit


Mountain View, CA — Planet-Intra.Com launched a downloadable Linux version of its successful no-programming software package, Planet-Intra. Planet-Intra, the first Instant Intranet Portal (IIP) to run on the Linux operating system and priced at under $600, caters to small to medium-sized enterprises and corporate divisions.

Designed to facilitate information-sharing and collaboration, Planet-Intra provides a no-programming instant intranet that is secure, customizable and easy to implement. Planet-Intra.Com’s solutions for NT and Linux, both priced at $599 for 25 users (different pricing levels are offered depending on size of user base), are immediately available through the Planet-Intra.Com website at


Cleveland, OH —, the premier Java component marketplace, released the first comprehensive matrix detailing and comparing the status of technologies supported and other features of the industry’s current and future Java application servers, available immediately at

The matrix includes versions and release dates of application servers that support or will support Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 1.1, JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.0, and Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.2. By consolidating vast amounts of information from many vendors, this across-the-board matrix makes researching and evaluating the application server market easy and efficient. Flashline’s matrix drastically reduces the time it takes to thoroughly research all the products available.


Boulder, CO — Benchmark Tape Systems Corporation announced its family of DLT products, establishing a new level of price performance for server backup. Debuting in booth 328 at Networld + Interop in Atlanta next week, Benchmark’s product family consists of the Benchmark DLT1 tape drive, Benchmark DLT7 autoloader and Benchmark DLTtape IV media. First customer ship will occur in October. The Benchmark products will be available through Resellers and OEMs in the U.S. and Europe.

The Benchmark DLT1 tape drive offers a 40 GB native capacity (80 GB compressed) and a 3 MB/second native transfer rate (6 MB/sec compressed), providing enterprise reliability and performance at low-end server pricing. Along with leading price/performance metrics, the Benchmark DLT1 is read compatible with the DLT4000 utilizing DLTtape IV media. The Benchmark DLT1 is available in internal and external configurations. Virtually all software packages are supported. Designed with automation in mind, the Benchmark DLT1 features soft unload capability. The expected street price for the Benchmark DLT1 tape drive is $1299. For more information visit


Portland, OR — Continuing to broaden its product line for the Unix market, Tripwire Security Systems, Inc. (TSS) announced the release of Tripwire 2.2 for HP-UX and IBM-AIX. Developed in 1992 for intrusion detection purposes, Tripwire is a tool with multiple applications including damage assessment and recovery, software verification, auditing, and policy compliance. Tripwire also protects against changes to operating system files and would protect users against any “backdoor” vulnerabilities that could be coded into software.

“We are excited that TSS has responded to the increasing demand from our users for a fully supported HP-UX version of Tripwire. As organizations become more dependent on the Internet, they need to be able to secure transactions and secure the data on their servers. Tripwire meets those needs,” said Kent McMullen, Director of Marketing, Hewlett-Packard, HP-UX Operating Environment.


Huntsville, AL — Intergraph Corporation’s award-winning AccessNFS connectivity tools are now shipping with Hewlett-Packard Company’s new Microsoft Windows NT-based HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstations, providing customers with immediate access to information on UNIX-based systems.

The full version of Intergraph DiskAccess 4.0, an NFS client, is shipping with every HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstation. In addition, HP customers will receive trial versions of Intergraph’s complete suite of AccessNFS Solutions including DiskShare, an NFS server; AccessNFS Gateway, an NFS gateway; and Batch Services, a batch scheduling system.


Burlington, MA — Object Design, Inc., announced that its eXcelon XML eBusiness information server is being deployed by NEC Systems, Inc., as a core component of NEC’s new eBusiness Process Framework. The eBusiness framework was developed by NEC’s Boston Technology Center and is currently undergoing beta testing.

NEC’s eBusiness Process Framework is a highly flexible system that allows companies to integrate via the Internet all of their external business processes with internal fulfillment processes. Using industry-standard business-to-business protocols such as Open Applications Group (OAG), Open Buying on the Internet (OBI), and RosettaNet, it serves as a platform for building and deploying next-generation XML-based business-to-business applications.


Atlanta, GA — American Megatrends Inc. (AMI), a supplier of RAID technology to the OEM server and storage marketplace, released the MegaRAID Enterprise 1500, a high performance 64-bit PCI Ultra2 LVD SCSI RAID controller for enterprise-class servers.

The advanced RAID controller features the Intel i960 RN processor with a 100 MHz internal JX core. Surrounded completely by 64-bit architecture, along with four Ultra2 SCSI channels, the Enterprise 1500 reaches sustained sequential throughput of 210 MB/s and a random I/O rate of more than 8,000 I/Os per second. For more information visit


Boulder, CO — Spectra Logic Corp. announced it is now shipping TreeFrog tape libraries equipped with Sony’s AIT-2 tape drive technology. The AIT TreeFrog (model name Spectra 2000), provides users with a native capacity of 1.5 Terabytes and a transfer rate of 6.0 to 12.0 Megabytes per second, uncompressed.

Sony’s AIT-2 tape drives boast the mid-range tape industry’s fastest native transfer rate, 6.0 Megabytes per second (15.6 MB/sec compressed), and largest per-cartridge capacity, 50 Gigabytes (130 GB compressed), for under $5000. AIT now holds the leading specifications in capacity per tape, transfer rate, media passes, head life, and reliability. “Our TreeFrog library family has been delivering the automation industry’s lowest cost and highest performance storage specifications with AIT-1 and with AIT-2 specifications, the TreeFrog is now able to eclipse entry-level DLT automation products,” Thompson said. For more information visit


Boulder, CO — Ecrix Corporation announced the general availability of the VXA-1 tape drive and a new e-commerce distribution channel. Based on Ecrix’s groundbreaking VXA technology, the VXA-1 tape drive delivers major advances over conventional tape technology, offering users unprecedented data restore capabilities. With 66GB of capacity and 6 MB/second transfer rate, the VXA-1 tape drive is the price/performance leader in its market.

VXA technology is based on three complementary innovations: Discrete Packet Format (DPF), Variable Speed Operation (VSO), and OverScan Operation (OSO). DPF enables data to be written and read in individually addressed packets, a technology similar to that already proven in the networking and Internet markets. VSO saves time by continually adjusting tape speed to match the varying data throughput of the server, eliminating a common streaming tape problem known as “backhitching.” OSO is a technique for reading data packets independent of track shape or geometry. By overscanning data packets at variable tape speeds, VXA virtually guarantees data restore. For more information visit


Blue Bell, PA — Unisys Corporation announced another example of its thin-client solution that makes it faster and more cost-effective to deploy applications. Unisys thin-client solution provides an application deployment framework that can help users realize the benefits of the Internet and Worldwide Web to make their applications available anytime, anywhere. This solution allows applications to be quickly deployed through an intranet, dramatically decreasing the time to implement applications.

In addition, it allows delivery of applications through the Internet to easily allow application rental by the public as provided by application service providers. Any user equipped with a PC or low-cost terminal device will be able to rent any application, launched from a browser at any location. The applications reside on the server, helping to cut the user’s software costs, eliminate the complexities of software distribution and management and reduce the need for users to constantly upgrade their PCs as new technology emerges. For more information visit


Alameda, CA — Tech Soft America (TSA) announced the immediate availability of version 4.5 of their HOOPS 3D Application Framework (HOOPS/3dAF) software which provides an extensible, modular base architecture enabling the rapid development of world-class CAD/CAM/CAE applications for the PC, UNIX and LINUX platforms. HOOPS is the core graphics component in shipping applications from companies such as Parametric Technology Corp. (PTC), SDRC, Mechanical Dynamics, MicroCADAM, Tecnomatix, Fluent, Tecoplan, ITI, Pam Systems, Ansys/Centric, Minitab, and over 150 other organizations worldwide.

Specific highlights of the HOOPS 4.5 Release include: Level-of-Detail Module, support for OpenGL display lists, new platform support for HPUX 11, IRIX 65 and Linux LIBC6, integration with Parasolid v 11.0 and integration with ACIS 3D Toolkit from Spatial Technology. For more information visit


Costa Mesa, CA — MSC.Software Corp. (MSC), a developer of simulation software, announced the launch of MSC.NASTRAN for use on the Linux operating system. Recognized by the Federal Aviation Administraion as an accepted standard for airframe manufacturers seeking design certification, MSC.NASTRAN is primarily used for computer-aided stress, vibration, heat-transfer, acoustic and aeroelasticity analysis.

The software may be ordered directly from MSC.Software now and will also be available later this month through’s recently announced onDemand Licensing Facility, the first vertical application service provider (ASP) developed exclusively for the engineering community. For more information visit


Orem, UT — Caldera Systems Inc. announced that its LInux wiZARD (LIZARD), the industry’s first point and click install of Linux, is now available under the Q Public License (QPL) for download from HTTP://

The LIZARD install was developed for OpenLinux by Caldera Systems Engineers in Germany, and by Troll Tech, a leading software tools development company in Oslo, Norway. LIZARD makes the transition from Windows to Linux easier for the new user and reduces down time created by command line installation. For more information visit or


Nuremberg/Munich — SuSE GmbH, Nuremberg, and Siemens AG, Munich, have completed a Linux extension allowing the use of up to four GByte of memory on Intel-based servers. High-end server systems with memories of this size are used in computer-intensive database applications which are the basis of many company-relevant applications.

“Due to its stability and extensive networking capabilities, Linux already enjoys an excellent reputation in numerous companies as a server operating system. By breaking this barrier, which until now stood at two GByte, Linux qualifies as a genuine alternative for memory-intensive applications,” said Roland Dyroff, CEO of SuSE GmbH. The Linux extension is available as a patch on the SuSE ftp server For more information vist or


San Diego, CA — Kingsley Technologies Inc. announced it will begin shipping its One4All Virtual Information Server this month. One4All is a suite of software designed to integrate data across different sources and includes four components: A Designer maintains a consistent interface to all data, the Standard Server gives users access to tables in various relational, object, flat-file, ISAM or legacy data sources, the Virtual Server enables IT managers to create virtual databases that incorporate data from multiple sources and the ODBC Network Server enables access from Windows users to data in Unix repositories and vice versa.

Additional modules let application designers build in business logic, security, automatic replication and delivery guarantees. The One4All server runs on Solaris, HP-UX, SCO Unix, AIX, Windows 9x and Windows NT. The client runs on systems that support Java2.For more information visit


Portland, OR — A new LVD (low voltage differential) switch from Apcon Inc. enables network administrators to link multiple servers to a single tape backup device. The 4X2 SCSI Switch, available now, can support up to 28 SCSI peripherals via six independent SCSI buses.

It includes redundant power and dual RS-232 serial port connections, as well as Apcon Control Software for remote operation and control of SCSI configurations. A LAN port for connection to a TCP/IP network is available as an option, said officials at Apcon. For more information visit


Chicago, IL — StorageNetworks Inc. and Comdisco Inc. announced an alliance that will enable them to offer customers outsourcing services in both data storage and disaster recovery.

StorageNetworks, of Waltham, Mass., is a storage services provider, while Comdisco brings to the unnamed offering servers, personnel and networking resources for information recovery and protection. For more information visit or


San Diego, CA — Gateway announced availability of the Linux 6.0 operating system from Red Hat Inc. as an option on models in the company’s ALR Series line of servers. The agreement with Red Hat makes the nation’s 3rd largest PC manufacturer an authorized reseller of one of the leading Linux-based OS software and service providers.

Red Hat commercially packages Red Hat Linux code and offers end-users broad support and training for the product. As an authorized reseller, Gateway will acquire licensing and factory-install Red Hat Linux on qualified ALR server platforms for a fee. Technical support for end-users is provided on a fee-basis directly by Red Hat. For more information visit


Boulder, CO — Spatial Inc., a developer of 3D modeling technology and interoperability solutions and services for the CAD/CAM and CAE industries, announced the incorporation of ACIS 5.0 into the WorkSpace5 robotic simulation and off-line programming software product from Flow Software Technologies.

The incorporation of the de facto 3D modeling kernel, developed by Spatial, enables WorkSpace5 to offer more productive workflow, greater interoperability across diverse systems and a better economy of design and programming time for robotics simulation and off-line programming for its users. For more information visit or


Anaheim, CA — MTI Technology Corp. announced the introduction of its comprehensive portfolio of offerings called MTI DataServices. The new storage methodology is designed to offer a comprehensive suite of enterprise storage network solutions that are certified and tested to minimize problems associated with today’s complex storage environments.

As an all-inclusive solution, MTI DataServices eliminates the obstacles common to configuring large enterprise storage network systems. MTI’s DataServices combines Storage Area Network (SAN), Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and management software in a single solution providing comprehensive, cross-platform compatibility coupled with certified interoperability. For more information visit

— This file compiled by Steve Fisher, HPCwire managing editor. Email: [email protected]


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