2009 High Performance Computing on Wall Street



Solace Systems Sets the Pace in the Race to Zero Latency

In the algorithmic trading business, speed is literally money. An extra microsecond of latency between the market feed and the trading application could be worth a million dollars to a large investment bank or hedge fund.

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Feature Articles from HPWS09

With Power Comes Complexity

(09/14/2009) – When rPath CTO Erik Troan speaks during the opening session at this year’s High Performance Computing on Wall Street conference, he’ll be emphasizing something that old school HPC’ers are very familiar with: complexity. Even moderately-sized HPC clusters are a study in complexity.
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Arista Finds Niche in High Frequency Trading

(09/14/2009) – Newcomer Arista Networks has found a comfortable home for its high performance Ethernet switches on Wall Street. Company founder Andy Bechtolsheim explains why Arista’s low latency switches are an especially good fit for the lucrative algorithmic trading business.
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