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2010 International Supercomputing Conference



ISC’10 Preview

If the Icelandic volcano gods permit, this year’s International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany, will be the best-attended and the most exhibitor-laden show in the event’s 25-year history.

2010 Annual HPCwire Readers Choice Awards

Feature Articles from ISC10

Scaling the Exa

(06/03/2010) – The petascale era of supercomputing is barely underway, but the effort to reach the exascale level has already begun. The University of Tennessee’s Jack Dongarra has been involved with an international project to develop software that will support exascale computing. We got a chance to speak with him before ISC and talk about the work being done.
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Sometimes Accomplishment Is Starting Something New Rather than Finishing Something Old

(06/02/2010) – Even as we gain a footing in the era of petaflops computing, we have set in motion the exploration of the undiscovered domain of exaflops computing. This year has seen the launching of multiple programs to develop the concepts, architectures, software stack, programming models, and new families of parallel algorithms necessary to enable the practical realization of exaflops capability prior to the end of this decade.
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Intel Unveils Plans for HPC Coprocessor

(06/01/2010) – Chipmaker Intel is reviving the Larrabee technology for the HPC market, with plans to bring a manycore coprocessor to market in the next few years. During the ISC’10 opening keynote, Kirk Skaugen, vice president of Intel’s Architecture Group and general manager of the Data Center Group, announced the chipmaker is developing what they’re calling a “Many Integrated Core” (MIC) architecture, which will be the basis of a new line of processors aimed squarely at high performance technical computing applications.
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TOP500 Sluggish, But Chinese Supers May Portend Big Changes Ahead

(05/31/2010) – A Chinese supercomputer called Nebulae, powered by the latest Fermi GPUs, grabbed the number two spot on the TOP500 list announced earlier today. The new machine delivered 1.27 petaflops of Linpack performance, yielding only to the 1.76 petaflop Jaguar system, which retained its number one berth.
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HPC Innovator’s Work Spans Two Continents

(05/28/2010) – Dr. Ashwini Nanda has been at the center of some of the most cutting-edge HPC projects and initiatives in the world. In this interview, Dr. Nanda talks about high performance computing in India, how he sees the industry today, and what led him to start up his company, HPC Links.
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Special Commentary from ISC10

Tom TaborTom Tabor
A Week at the International Supercomputing Conference
Tom Tabor, publisher of HPCwire and HPC in the Cloud, gives his perspective on SC’10, which just celebrated its 25th year with the biggest turnout yet. Read more…

Michael FeldmanMichael Feldman
Videocast: ISC’10 Winners and Losers, Show Wrap-Up
Addison and Michael are joined by Nicole Hemsoth, editor of HPC in the Cloud, to offer their impressions of ISC’10. Read more…

Chris WillardChris Willard
Impressions of ISC 2010
Returning to ISC after a hiatus of several years and viewing the event from the vantage point of an industry analyst, the show appears to have made a quantum leap in terms of size and sophistication of the exhibit, and degree and intensity of business activity. Read more…

Michael FeldmanMichael Feldman
ISC’10 Videoblog: Wednesday, June 2
University of Tennessee’s Jack Dongarra, NCSA’s Thom Dunning, and Stuttgart HPC Chief Michael Resch share some thoughts on day 3 of ISC. Read more…

Michael FeldmanMichael Feldman
ISC’10 Videoblog: Tuesday, June 1
Heike Jagode, of the University of Tennessee, takes us through some of the exhibits and sessions on day 2 of the conference. Read more…

Michael FeldmanMichael Feldman
ISC’10 Videoblog: Opening Day, May 31
Berkeley Lab’s John Shalf and LSU’s Thomas Sterling give a rundown on some of the events that took place the first day of the conference. Read more…

Michael FeldmanMichael Feldman
Podcast: Highlights from ISC’10 in Hamburg – Intel Gives a Surprise Keynote; GPU Supers Save a Lackluster TOP500
Addison and Michael talk about the biggest news coming out of ISC’10, live from Hamburg. Read more…

Off the Wire from ISC10

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