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April 6, 2010

Cloud Computing Set to Boom Through 2015

Nicole Hemsoth

While there will be no official announcement of a “boom” in cloud computing, many analysts predict that the cloud computing market will become the new IT paradigm well into 2015, if not well beyond. Rackspace, a leader in the industry, suggested that cloud and SaaS companies could see an injection of over $200 billion over the next five years alone as businesses and research institutions requiring seamless integration of their HPC needs jump on board. This boom is, at least in part, due to the fact that the economic recovery has been slow, prompting institutions to look at ways to trim costs while spurring development. Still, as the cloud expands its reach and the economy begins to improve, infrastructure and software within the cloud space may become the dominant IT structure—enough so that its success will not be wholly reliant on a weak market and inaccessible startup capital.

Full story at Rackspace

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