May 21, 2010

MIT’s StarCluster: An Update with Screencast

Nicole Hemsoth

Last week we ran a feature article from Justin Riley entitled, “StarCluster Brings HPC to the Amazon Cloud” that drew some significant attention from around the community. In response to the popularity of the piece, Justin was kind enough to send a screencast for HPC in the Cloud that provides a more thorough view of StarCluster in action.

The following video demonstrates how to install, configure, and launch an HPC cluster on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud using StarCluster. This video will also give you a tour of the cluster by showing you how to log in to the master machine, test that everything’s working, and submit jobs to the Sun Grid Engine queuing system. Finally, the video shows you how to list the currently active clusters you have on EC2 and how to shutdown a running cluster on EC2 to stop paying for it.

To get started with StarCluster please visit the website at There you can download the software and also read the complete documentation to learn more about StarCluster’s capabilities

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