June 5, 2010

Cyclone and Beyond: Interview with SGI CEO Barrenechea

Nicole Hemsoth

In HPC, it’s hard to go far before you encounter news about SGI, whether it’s news about modular data centers or cloud computing for technical applications. At ISC I was able to land a few minutes to speak with Mark Barrenechea, President and CEO of SGI to get a sense of the direction the company will take with Cyclone and how it is being used in the community.

The following interview is broken into two sections with the first being a more general overview of SGI and the second honing in on some pertinent information about Cyclone and cloud computing from SGI’s perspective, including some discussion about how SGI is being deployed—helping to answer the critical question, “how is using HPC on demand?” to some extent.

SGI has a distinct focus on technical applications for several of the major HPC verticals as Barrenechea describes. In the future we hope to feature some end user tales about SGI in action to get a feel for the challenges that are addressed, but this is a solid starting point for looking closer at what SGI is doing for future reference.

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