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June 7, 2010

Videocast: ISC’10 Winners and Losers, Show Wrap-Up

Michael Feldman

Since my Soundbite co-host, Addison Snell of InterSect360 Research, as well as Nicole Hemsoth, our HPC in the Cloud editor, were both in Hamburg for ISC, we thought we’d do an impromptu videocast with the three of us instead of our normal audio podcast. Here we offer some last thoughts about ISC’10 and then pick some of the standouts and disappointments of the conference.

We had to split the video into two parts, since, under the influence of German beer, we did tend to ramble a bit at times. The whole videocast runs nearly 20 minutes.

Part 1:  General impressions of vendors at ISC; cloud computing presence; some thoughts about Intel and Platform Computing


Part 2:  Microsoft’s new technical computing push; Univa UD as a no-show; AMD’s non-news; T-Platforms’ rise; Oracle still in HPC limbo; a final farewell

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