June 29, 2010

IBM, Arctur Partner to Bring Supercomputing to the Midmarket

Nicole Hemsoth

IBM and Slovenian software development firm Arctur have agreed to partner on an iDataPlex system that, with the help of the cloud, will allow Slovenian companies to lease time to speed product cycles and enhance business competition. According to Arctur, this system will allow up to a 75% reduction in product development time. The iDataPlex supercomputing, which will run on Linux (and sounds quite similar to the iDataPlex system in use for the Magellan cloud testbed in many ways) will be able to perform in the range of 10 trillion calculations per second (rpeak teraflops) and is expected to hit the 25-teraflop mark in the foreseeable future. It will make use of the new Intel 6-core processors and QDR Infiniband for peak energy efficiency and performance.

Full story at CBR

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