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July 14, 2010

Intel Rides Cloud to a Record Quarter

Nicole Hemsoth

Intel’s revenue has been up across all of its product lines but throughout the earnings call, the company was insisting that their cloud infrastructure plans are being realized and Xeon continues to be a hot item for ISPs. This is in part because their newest line of Xeon products provide a major power boost over their last offering, which is enough incentive for cloud providers and customers alike to upgrade their systems now. This is important news at a time when IT spending has yet to fully rebound but also of interest here is the fact that the cloud, with its inherent possibility to reduce costs, is also contributing to this spending. More enterprise customers are seeing the possibilities in renting their infrastructure versus buying and as more standards and comfort grow with the cloud industry, this trend could very well continue past this quarter.

Full story at Ars Technica

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