July 15, 2010

Will We Still Be Building Datacenters in 10 Years?

Nicole Hemsoth

Until more recently, the concept of the cloud has been nebulous at best, especially since the definitions are mixed and the marketing thrust from across the tech industry has thrown the word around very casually, lending only to more confusion. However, as the “real” clouds begin to separate from the term itself and Infrastructure as a Service  becomes a more understood concept, some predict that the end of the datacenter is nigh. Elias Khnaser remarks on the decade he’s spent being part of the building efforts behind some of the world’s largest datacenters and wonders if this IaaS movement will eventually take down the traditional datacenter. This has been the core question in many debates about the true implications of the cloud in the long term and Khnaser, especially with his deep background, provides a compelling analysis of emerging trends that might be reshaping IT in ways never thought possible when he first got involved with the industry.

Full story at InformationWeek

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