July 19, 2010

Cloud and The Application Performance Imperative

Nicole Hemsoth

Many HPC users are well aware of the performance issues involved with running many of their applications in the cloud as this is quite often trumped as the primary concern. However, those in the enterprise space who are looking to the clouds are often swept away by the generalities and do not perform due diligence to ensure application performance in their cloud environment of choice. Accordingly, it is important not only to test applications in private and public clouds but once adoption occurs, it is necessary to monitor the performance, otherwise any cost benefits associated with the move off the in-house system could be negated. Despite the wealth of general literature about moving a business to the cloud, no matter what size that business is, it will culminate in a lot of wasted effort if applications are not brought into the mix carefully. In short, despite the marketing hype that surrounds the cloud, this is not a process to be undertaken lightly and poor application performance, even if all else seems to sing in a cloud enviornment, will not allow an organization to reach its cost goals by moving to the cloud.

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