July 20, 2010

The Changing Cloud Platforms: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and More

Nicole Hemsoth

Amazon, Google and Microsoft, three major players in the cloud platforms space, have all made significant strides in the last year in particular to further hone their offerings. Interestingly, they all seem to be moving in different directions, which will lead to a greater diversity in cloud platform offerings overall. PC Magazine’s Michael J. Miller recently set about to offer detailed explorations of the most frequently-deployed cloud platforms with the aim of showing how the space is evolving on an individual offering level and how the general ecosystem is developing. He examines recent changes from Amazon, who has begun offering Cluster Compute Instances geared toward HPC users and then moves out to look at what Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and others are doing to keep pace and fine-tune their reach.

Full story at PC Magazine

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