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August 5, 2010

Security Concerns Dominate Public and Private Cloud Decisions

Nicole Hemsoth

Research group IDC has warned that public cloud revenues will continue to fall behind those of private cloud vendors as more enterprises who are eager to jump into the cloud see weaknesses, particularly in terms of security, with the public cloud model. In IDC’s view, Google Apps have been identified as a good case study for this assertion since according to the CIOs interviewed Google offers the least amount of security for enterprise data.

As reported in ITP this morning, “IDC predicts that the push by CIOs and IT decision makers to cut costs will see spending on cloud services double over the next four years, with investment in private clouds accounting for 96% of the increase. By 2014, the analyst firm predicts the market will be worth $6.4 billion, up from $3.18 billion in 2009.”

Many vendors are stepping up their private cloud offerings touting security as one of the core features that make it a more attractive option than the public cloud. With the IDC data projecting further growth of the private cloud industry, there is likely to be a swell in the amount of innovation (not to mention press) around the cloud model.

Full story at ITP

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