August 23, 2010

Red Hat CTO Declares Cloud Evolution “Decades Away”

Nicole Hemsoth

Brain Stevens, CTO of Red Hat and quite possibly one of the most television-camera-friendly CTOs seen to date,  slung some mild fighting words at Microsoft and VMware this morning on Bloomberg’s cable program “InBusiness” with Margaret Brennan. The focus of the conversation was on security and privacy in the public cloud, not just for the average user of web-based services, but for large-scale business like those Red Hat is most familiar with—financial services.

While Ms. Brennan was doing her best to stick to the script and reveal all of the promising data they show’s editors culled from market data pointing to dramatic upticks in enterprise spending on virtualization-centered projects, Stevens declared that 2010, while it may be the Year of the Cloud in terms of general buzz, is not going to see the kind of evolution and maturation necessary to sway the big business to the cloud.

We are currently in the midst of what Stevens refers to as “a long evolution” process. As he stated, the adoption of cloud isn’t going to be in 2010; it’s going to be several decades before the technology arrives and our customers are using the capabilities of cloud more readily.”

Full story at Bloomberg

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