September 9, 2010

Microsoft Extends Cloud Services to Qatar

Nicole Hemsoth

Microsoft is preparing to launch its cloud services in Qatar at the start of the new year with an eye on providing resources to enterprises in the country. On the list of targets include companies in the energy and finance sectors as well as confirmed partnerships with telecom companies like Qtel and Vodafone Qatar.

The company is currently carrying out customer trials at its business and research center at the Qatar Science and Technology Park and insists that security will be one of the highest priorities.

The company’s infrastructure will not be located in Qatar, however, which could create some issues for enterprises with requirements on data location. For those enterprises that need resources without tremendous up-front investment, this may not always be an overwhelming barrier if they do not have compliance-related regulations against where their data is housed. According to the Gulf Times, Microsoft is working with its partners to make these services available locally, perhaps in part to dissipate concern over this issue.

While there are a number of sectors that Microsoft plans to target with its enterprise-level hybrid cloud services, one notable omission from any of the press has been inclusion of the oil and gas market, which comprises a relatively large part of the country’s economy.

Full story at Gulf Times

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