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November 3, 2010

Selecting the Right “aaS”: Hubspan’s Margaret Dawson on Compliance and As-a-Service Choices

Nicole Hemsoth

Yesterday I spent some time talking with Margaret Dawson, Vice President of Product Management at Hubspan, a company that provides B2B integration services for a number of enterprises, including those in life sciences and financial services—segments where compliance and security are of the utmost importance. While there are some details about a session she co-presented below about making knowing which “aaS” is most appropriate below, it might be useful to hear her description of the computation/integration/management issues Hubspan addresses in areas from life sciences research to working with giants like Visa.

Dawson and Chief Architect and Product Strategist at Hubspan presented a talk entitled, “Which ‘aaS’ is Right for You?” which addressed the fact that there are a number of options for enterprises looking to shift their current infrastructure but don’t have any idea where to begin due to the number of “aaS” terms that tend to lose meaning without any real context.

Part of what grabbed my attention in this presentation is that it promised to move beyond the cloud hype and acronyms to provide an “objective, vendor agnostic tour of the many different ‘aaS’ solutions on the market today.” Using practical examples from the “real world” to talk about any aspect of cloud computing seems to be a must these days yet far too often, conferences present attendees with schedules that are filled with promising titles that end up being anything but vendor agnostic and talk about specific solutions versus providing usable, balanced information. Hubspan was actually able to provide this much-needed balance and presented some useful breakdowns of the “aaS” solutions that was informative and non-generalized.

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