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December 6, 2010

Vietnam Granted Further Resources to Reach IT Goals

Nicole Hemsoth

Vietnam has been the target of external investment on behalf of U.S.-based companies as it seeks to bridge the gap between aging IT infrastructure and its future in the cloud.

Earlier this summer, Microsoft Vietnam provided resources to ramp up cloud and storage services development and last week IBM announced that it would team up with Vietnam’s National Institute of Software and Digital Content Industry (NISCI) to provide the necessary hardware and software components for a new cloud computing lab.

IBM has been actively involved in Vietnam’s IT infrastructure since 2008, when it established a partnership with the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology to create the open pilot program to advance cloud computing called the Vietnam Information for Science and Technology Advanced Information Portal.

According to reports, “The new cloud computing lab will allow NISCI to assist local government IT organizations to decrease testing time by up to 50 percent. As a result, the institute will be able to focus on digital content delivery as well as training and development of high-level IT resources for the local ICT industry”

Full story at DZTimes

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